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Deputies have exposed to the Ministry of Finance of an abacus on increase in budgetary expenses

According to the project of the main financial plan of the country incomes of the federal budget in 2007 should make 6 trillion 609 billion roubles, expenses - 5 trillion 262 billion roubles. Thus, the Minister of Finance of the Russian Federation Alexey Kudrin has noted, expenses next year will grow more than on one trillion roubles. However the Russian legislators do not agree with such treatment. In their opinion, expenses need to be increased still at least on 420 billion roubles (7 percent from total expenses of the state). So already today it is clear that the budget project at autumn session will cause many disputes. It will be brought in the State Duma, as well as it is necessary under the law, on August, 26th. And to accept it it is necessary not in December, and in October. At least the president of Russia Vladimir Putin insists on it.

we Will remind that else on June 19, till the moment of consideration of the project of the budget the government, the president of Russia focused attention as the governments, and the Dumas that the budget should be accepted earlier. That is not in December, and in October. the budget needs to be accepted earlier, than deputies will part in districts - the president at meeting with members of the government has told. Otherwise, he has underlined, it will be not budget acceptance, and election campaign . It seems that election campaign has begun.

Basically United Russia party members not against that work on the budget of the next year has been finished in September - October of current year. It is necessary for that, the chairman of Committee of the State Duma under the budget and taxes Yury Vasilev that since January, 1st of next year realisation of the investment programs financed from the budget has begun has underlined. The budget of the next year it has been decided to make the budget of strategic projects, he and consequently the approach to its formation should be carried out on principles of design financing has underlined.

But, Vasilev has noted, discussing parametres of the new budget, we first of all have paid attention of the Minister of Finance to insufficient financing of national projects. Though, Vasilev has explained, the government has in many respects made concessions to deputies regarding increase in the additional expenses, nevertheless many questions and remained opened. So, next year financing of investment fund will increase from 69,7 billion roubles during the current year to 200 billion. The government should take measures and count, that this money was eaten by inflation. That it has not turned out, as this year: the summer has come, and really any rouble of investment fund is not mastered yet.

Besides national projects on which additional financing from the budget is required, money is required, and in considerable quantity, on highways. To increase financing of a construction of roads the government does not react to all requirements of deputies in any way. And input of highways in operation twice is less now, than in 1990. More than 50 thousand settlements of highways which would connect them with the regional centres, have no at all, the deputy ascertained. And though 174,2 billion the roubles, put in the budget on a construction of roads in 2007, it is more in comparison with 2006 for 45 percent, it all the same the small sum as it develops taking into account 35 billion roubles which named the president in the Budgetary message and which have been put in the budget project initially. If to subtract these of 35 billion growth in comparison with 2006 will make only 6 percent.

the Problem also that the government intends to make amendments to the Budgetary code which in many respects solves such problems, only in the autumn. While these amendments will discuss on Krasnopresnensky quay, will pass a lot of time. You look, by December they will arrive in the Duma. And the budget is necessary for accepting in September - October. Therefore, legislators consider, in the budget there will be many stains, and to correct them it is necessary most likely in new year.


According to the parametres of the budget already approved by the Russian government, expenses of the federal budget in 2007 will increase more than on one trillion roubles and will make 5 trillion 262 billion roubles. Incomes will be on trillion roubles more - 6 trillion 609 billion roubles. In spite of the fact that figures show presence of obvious proficiency of the budget, officials expect deficiency which has appeared because now it is considered to be so-called not oil The budget as it becomes in the majority of the countries - exporters of oil.

that the federal budget can appear for the first time since 1999 scarce, the Minister of Finance warned time and again. The increase in state expenses which is observed recently, and conducts to budgeted deficit formation. In particular, growth of not percentage expenses has grown about 1,2 percent of gross national product in 2005 to 1,4 percent of gross national product during the current year. The Ministry of Finance, truth, has made an attempt decrease in deficiency of the future budget at the expense of increase in loans in home market. However additional items of expenses have exceeded a lath in 200 billion roubles while state papers on home market it was planned to let out for the sum of 55 billion roubles.

Ways for deficiency decrease, consider in the Ministry of Finance, is. For this purpose, in - the first, it is necessary to reconsider the forecast of the prices for oil in 2007. In - the second to reduce the cutting off price in Stabfond. And thus not to touch at all the money saved in the main coin box of the country.