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United Russia party members have scarified the budget project - 2007

United Russia party members have considered that budgetary planning is thought insufficiently over, especially it concerns financings of national projects and the programs directed on improvement of a demographic situation and development of innovative technologies.

the Correspondent has asked the chairman of Committee of the State Duma under the budget and Yury Vasileva`s taxes to comment on the first results public obkatki the new bill of the budget.

- We insist on that work on the budget project - 2007 has been finished in September - October. It is necessary that since January, 1st, 2007 realisation of the investment programs financed from state treasury has begun. In April we were defined that the budget of the next year is necessary for making the budget of strategic projects. And consequently, discussing parametres of the new budget, we first of all have paid attention of the Minister of Finance to insufficient financing of national projects.

the program socially - economic development on 2006 - 2008 for which maintenance the three-year financial plan is developed Besides, is already confirmed. Profitable and account parts of the budget, including expenses of investment character considerably increase. It is necessary to give due to the government. During discussion of expenses of the budget this year it has considered remarks which expressed deputies, in particular under the additional expenses connected with increase of financing of doctors first aid . But nevertheless many questions remained opened. First of all it concerns Investment fund. Its size this year has made 69,7 billion roubles. And in the following it is offered to increase to 200 billion. Also it is necessary to take measures, all to count, that this money was eaten by inflation. The clear toolkit of use of these means that it has not turned out as this year is necessary distinct and all: on a court yard June, and any rouble of Investment fund is not mastered yet.

not to repeat last errors, we have suggested the Ministry of Finance to present all figures of volume of financing on the basic national projects in frameworks zero reading that to the first reading we already had a clear picture, how many money is necessary to allocate for what directions. And the sums be required considerable, after all only on the new national project the Demographic policy in 2007 it is planned 32,3 billion roubles. Payments of expenses on granting of the base parent capital should make 131,8 billion roubles.

Special value gets financing of highways. Despite persevering requirements of deputies, level of financing of a construction of roads remains on it is inadmissible low level. As a result bad roads constrain development of regions and accordingly realisation of national projects.

we Discussed with the Minister of Finance and problems of the budget of this year. Many of them cause in us alarm. Spring session comes to an end, and the majority of deputy recommendations and are not taken into consideration. Practice of working out of decisions without the coordination with parliament Besides, proceeds. For example, now in the government parametres of the program accepted for 2006 " are still specified; Dwelling . As a result while it is financed all on 653 million roubles from 34 billion the roubles planned for year. As a result performance of a component of this program - the national project Accessible habitation - it can appear under failure. Specification of passports under many other federal projects within a year has led to that in I quarter 2006 their financing has made only 10 percent from annual volumes. Including on kapvlozhenijam - for 5,5 percent. Involuntarily it would be desirable to tell: instead of whether to refuse practice of specification of indicators of the budget in the end of the year is easier and to pass to acceptance of more weighed decisions to stages of its formation.

I Think, and deputies should be more persevering. The State Duma should take the basic priorities of budgetary expenses under the control. It is a question first of all of means for salary increase in budgetary sphere, the monetary maintenance of military men and law enforcement officers, about finishing of the sizes of social pensions to level not below a living wage of the pensioner. And, of course, it is necessary to track, that enough means for motherhood and childhood support have been allocated. In the materials presented to the State Duma, these sums while are not designated absolutely not.

Also legislators should put a maximum of efforts for increase of efficiency and a management transparency the public finance. The decision of this problem probably only under condition of modification of the Budgetary code. Its specified edition should create a legal basis for essentially new organisation of budgetary process, first of all transition to intermediate term financial planning, formation of budgets to the three-year period.

Unfortunately, changes in the Budgetary code it is planned to consider in the government only in September of this year. Hence, it will be brought in the State Duma not earlier than December, 2006, and it is inadmissible late. I will remind that these changes in the Budgetary code should be confirmed in the end of 2005.

We have decided to create working group under the budget and to generate a package of requirements to the government. We invite to participate in it of ministers, including Minister of economic development and trade Herman Gref. However, Alexey Kudrin has assured that all remarks will be removed and by August, 1st the Ministry of Finance will present to the government the project of the budget with their account. Time will tell.