Rus News Journal

In the second quarter into Russia have imported 16 mlrd dollars

From January till July a rouble nominal rate to dollar has become stronger for 4,9 percent. For now the dollar weakens, in it it is more favourable to occupy: less percent in recalculation on roubles, are explained by experts. Therefore economic agents have increased the currency obligations and begin to increase them further while the rouble will amplify.

One of the important reasons capital import experts name also growth of sale of cash dollars in the country. As they said, when citizens buy currency - they actually take out the capital abroad and if sell - import into Russia. Thus, from the formal point of view all dollars which on hands at the population, get to the column capital export the Central Bank.

Sale of cash foreign currency this year has made 5,1 billion dollars, against 1,6 billion dollars for the similar period of last year. Only in April and May to the Central Bank sold monthly on 20 billion dollars, a part from them - pure money from which not financial enterprises and households against strengthening of rouble and dollar falling to euro have got rid.

the banks which loans in foreign currency have essentially grown in comparison with last year became Other important channel of inflow of the capital and have made 14,7 billion dollars. Besides, foreigners actively opened in the Russian banks the accounts on the eve of currency market liberalisation.

However some analysts consider that present capital import has been connected with inflow of the short-term speculative capital. Further growth of rates FRS the USA and the European Central Bank will cool intentions of investors to put up money in emerging markets in this connection it is necessary to expect decrease in inflow of the capital to Russia.