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On the Internet became more active plastic swindlers

on the Russian Internet have become frequent Recently cases of occurrence a web - sites on which various financial services with use of payment bank cards are offered. Thus users are offered to specify all requisites of cards, including PIN - a code.

However transfer of this information is conducted without use of the protected reports of an information exchange. According to the Central Bank it means that behind these offers the roguish actions known all over the world as " disappear; fishing - zamanivanie users for the purpose of reception of the confidential information and access to their money.

Russians have faced for the first time this kind of swindle in the spring of 2004 when the part of clients of Citybank was received by the letters directed ostensibly by administration of bank, with the request to confirm the data of the plastic cards. Letters contained the reference on lzhe - a Citybank site where to owners of cards suggested to fill the questionnaire, having specified numbers of cards and them PIN - codes. And though confirmed cases of swindle among clients of Citybank it was revealed not, the bank then has officially warned the Russian clients about possibility fishinga.

However bankers consider that fishing - swindlers, as a rule, are interested in holders of cards of large western banks and to the simple Russian inhabitant are not dangerous. Bankers do not confirm the information of the Central Bank on activization of card swindlers though agree that level of swindle with the cards which have been let out by the Russian banks, too gradually grows.

By the way, in the same Citybank assert that the number of references of clients with protest of transactions on cards did not increase recently. And

nevertheless for safety of your money bankers recommend at calculation for services or payment of the goods through the Internet to use only special cards and not to open at all the PIN - codes or passwords to the Internet - bankingu.