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Alexander Sabov: World football loses a nationality

the French national team after a brilliant victory of 1998 so was dishonoured in the Asian championship where could not hammer in any goal so have worn out its shouts from tribunes perestarki! that two years ago Zinedin Zidan, Lilian Tjuram, Claude Makelele have decided to leave football. All already fairly for thirty, it is time and to have a rest. But it has appeared that without them stadiums have half become empty. All country asked them to return back. And here they again with a ball, near to young players, in an unexpected role for itself field instructors . To reach the ending, you see, for old men withdrawn gold eight years, - achievement very high. And if not incident with Zidanom, it is not known, the destiny has as though disposed...

Under the French motive also the whole historical layer. The World championship on football is a creation of third president FIFA, Frenchman Zhjulja Rome. The first goal in the Uruguayan championship in 1930 - m, in a match of French national teams and Mexico (4:1), has hammered in attacking Ljusen Loran. The first cup, a gold figurine in height of 30 sm also it is powerful 4 kg, the French sculptor Abel Lafler - after the third triumph of Brazil it there has created and remained, it was necessary to create the new. At the initiative of France the European championship (Anri Delonne) and the championship of the European clubs (Gabriel Ano) has been created. Thus never was at France, and nowadays there is no football club which could be compared to the richest clubs of England, Italy, Spain, Germany. Therefore she does not buy another`s players. At it other role: a football smithy for all to Europe.

the Present championship has shown such advantage of football Europe what just right to ask a question: remarkable forces whence undertake?

At a sight at the French national team even other Frenchmen a beret otorop: From 23 players declared by national federation to organising committee of the championship, black football players 13. But they - that know that it not foreigners. Seven were born in the mother country, three - in overseas departments of France, three more have got to this country at children`s age and a steel its citizens how left on a football ground.

It does not settle its international diversity. Zinadin Zidan, the descendant of the Algerian immigrants, itself from Marseilles. For David Trezege, half the Argentinean, the native city of Rouen. Vikash Dorazu, ethnic indomavrikiets, was born and has grown in Normandy. Here such multi-coloured modular, as well as France. If to take its track record, all have started to play at home, only Trezege - in Argentina, in the homeland of the father.

Out of a national team of 11 sportsmen support national football clubs, 12 - for foreign: English, German, Spanish, Italian. The choice of another`s clubs speaks all the same reason: They where richer than the French.

This collective metrics of French team absolutely well matched and to the championship. On fields of Germany 32 best teams of the world, 736 football players have converged. From them 392 (53 percent) play for foreign clubs. It is a lot of it or a little? To the European measures it is normal, means, it is normal and for global football . But before us the average figure hiding extreme measures, therefore with a conclusion it is not necessary to hurry up. At first about why these extreme measures are possible.

In December, 1995 the Court of the European communities has made the decision on business of the Belgian football player which name it and is named: the right of Bosmana . The principle of free movement of labour within EU, provided still the Roman contract of 1957, is legislatively recognised since then and behind a football trade. The next year 15 thousand football players and football players have replaced clubs (after all there are clubs and female football). After that have cancelled a nationality quota according to which in one soccer team could play no more than three foreign workers . That it was necessary to do to the African and Asian federations, for which the right of Bosmana of course, not the decree, but was necessary at once to taste to local football clubs? Only to adapt. And no local football in the shell can slam, live without contacts, exchanges, staff departments and accounts departments. After all it also profitable business.

And here now about extreme measures in which this freedom has resulted XXI-st century football. In Belgium there is a club Beveren in which structure football players from the Cat - d play only Ivuar. In a German Bundesliga and the first league of England of the and foreign football players fifty-fifty. On a final for a cup of League of champions the Arsenal has exposed a command in which only two British played. Itself FIFA recently has reported: Ten years ago leading European clubs, having used right Bosmana have employed 894 foreign football players, in their last year was already 1803. From height of our time history Hungarian Gonveda running from - under caterpillars looks perfect absurdity.

All anything, but football has so lost the national face that there was already direct threat to the championships under formula FIFA. Fortunately, yet world, yet to iceberg top. Othozhy football became such popular speciality of Black continent that, for example, Ghana for the national team could pick up on a place only three football players, That is any, all on departure, and the Cat - d Ivuar collected a national team in nine different countries.

It is possible to predict in advance, than it will end for beginners of the present championship, - with the same, than has come to an end for the commands of Senegal disseminated all over the world and Cameroon. When football mobilisation is spent for the sake of the World championship, still all right: it is time in four years, it raises a rating of the football player, it eventually and to club on advantage. But any there the Cup of the African nations moreover each two years! When the countries of Africa have sent inquiry about 71 football players, playing for clubs of the first and second league of the French championship, half of demands has been rejected. What after that to be surprised to sudden disappearance from sports horizon of the flashed African commands?

We admire iceberg top, and it, appears, dangerously melts from below. How to stop this process? Variants different. When the attacking An Jung Hvan after the Asian championship has returned to Perugia further to play for its club, there him have accused in to change to the second native land also have broken off the contract. That in a match 1/ 8 endings South Korea - Italy it has scored the second goal (2:1) and skuadra adzurra Has gone home. Revolted with such ingratitude, the Italian federation of football has forbidden professional clubs to employ ekstraevropejskih football players under a pretext that they too can appear same traitors but for football players from the European countries has left a door opened. That is why the Italian football such white . So, one of possible decisions - to refuse services of vagrant football players from the distant countries where have already learnt to drive a ball, but have not learnt to love yet the second native land . Such solution of a problem has not enough chances, yet the Italian initiative of support not casually has not found in Europe.

Much more perspektivnee the formula 6 + 5 which the president of FIFA Zepp Blatter assiduously propagandises referring to its big success of century. Russia. Here miracles! It appears, these are our native clubs already whole season 2005 - 2006 Strictly follow a principle of formation of a command from six players prepared in that country where there is a club, and from five hired, foreign. So like would look a field variant our remarkable experience, and Europe on its basis is going to apply club . As the club is about 25 players, the UEFA has already published the circular: in a forthcoming season to achieve the proportion 4 from 25 then 6 from 25 8 from 25 and etc. it is especially underlined that the Russian formula can replace to a certain extent former nationality quotas that is to return to football the national person. If all goes under such plan, we will appear saviours of the European football.

But personally I not so in it trust, knowing that the main role in successes of football of all Old World is played by the French smithy. Yes, the ready, already generated, expensive football players can go at once to rich clubs of Europe, intermediaries are not necessary to them.

And here the African and Arabian teenagers aspire to France, only to France. Let there rich clubs are not present, but there is a whole network training centres . Break in thousand. Elimination huge, 99 from 100. Those who is selected for career continuation, it already the football goods which well is on sale in Europe.

Business on football will cripple thousand destinies, more often for ever tears off children from comprehensive school, that is why FIFA has interfered. In 2001 she has established age limit with which such professional preparation can begin, - not earlier 16 - 17 years. Well, teenagers age for some years, sometimes even change it names and surnames and if such football player takes place once there will be a miracle: At critical age for football it suddenly will throw off pair - a three of years. And it too has the commodity price.

And all business in legends which are created by the same French smithy: as if each boy can become Zinedinom Zidanom. In these legends any part of truth is: the majority of football players of French national team have really passed through its smithy. But the Dutch club " has more far-sighted arrived; the Ajax having opened the centre of football preparation in the Africa.