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Herman Gref does not intend to enter in an United Russia

party to enter yet has not decided, I consider that members of the government who are not party members, but listen to opinion of the parties working in the State Duma, especially such, as an United Russia have for the present the right to existence - the head who has left together with Boris Gryzlov minekonomrazvitija Herman Gref has to begin with dispelled suspicions of the press. Its colleagues on the cabinet were carried by in the meantime by vigorous step by journalists while Gryzlov told about session results.

According to the leader an United Russia the main theme of dialogue of a steel various directions of investments the next year. We have stipulated the priorities in development of an infrastructure of the Russian roads, after all on - former our country, having huge territory, is not that territory through which take place transport streams of cargoes from Europe to Asia because at us not enough attention is given to creation of modern transport knots - Gryzlov has imperceptibly started to place party accents. He also has expressed in support of continuation of financing of building of nuclear reactors next year.

An hour and a half there was an interested conversation, - Herman Gref, - the most important thing has explained, we have understood that we have a support in the State Duma. In party development of an infrastructure and a diversification are formulated as a priority, and now we should report already for realisation of concrete projects . Judging by Gryzlov`s remark, it only the first meeting within the limits of discussion of investment projects the next year. Within the next month party and financially - the economic block of the government, seemingly, will prepare together the basic financial document for its submitting for examination of the cabinet. While it is clear that in Investment fund - 2007 it will appear about 145 billion roubles (truth, the figure can be increased at the expense of economy on percentage payments on debts of Russia to the Parisian club).

it is natural that plans of ministers and Party members to increase expenses on an infrastructure there and then have caused questions on, whether the airport in Irkutsk will be reconstructed. While Gref has refused to make comments on this question though from its words it became clear that such offer from mintransa would not surprise him. As to an aircraft depot here the Minister of economic development and trade too has tried not to appear involved in trial round tragedy in Irkutsk. He has carefully noticed that it is necessary to keep duties in those segments where working out of the Russian planes is not planned.

That to other forecasts Gref was at the slightest pretext ready to radiate optimism. So, he has refused to make comments on possibility of signing of the report from the USA about Russia`s accession to the World Trade Organization during the Petersburg summit G8 . At the same time he has joyfully informed that interests of business are completely considered during negotiations that the majority of the population supports Russia`s accession to the World Trade Organization and Trading - industrial chamber and RSPP act in this process the basic pushers . Gref and a situation with inflation was not less happy. Besides, having refused to predict adjusted totals, he has joyfully declared: Chances to keep within 9 percent at us are . On it the communiques about secret negotiations on the budget - 2007 minister and the leader United Russia party members have preferred to finish.