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Later 24 years a gold cup of the world leave again to Italy

the Six-kilogramme gold cup of the world which has been played for the first time on mundiale - 1974, later 24 years leave again to Italy. In the fourth time in the history skuadra adzurra becomes the world champion.

However, for the sake of justice I will notice that home Italians will take away not the original, and an exact copy of product of Italian sculptor Gazzanigi. Rules FIFA are that.

Besides rough emotions and the future contracts with the best clubs of the world, new world champions will receive almost 19 million dollars prize-winning from the International federation of football. Millions more green players will receive from sponsors and the Italian federation.

Though unless it is possible to estimate comprehension of what in your country is the best on a planet in money play football...

the Ending of superiority of the world has gone right wonderfully well. Both commands had chances to win in the core and an extra time, but the football fate has decided that for dramatic art there is lottery in a kind poslematchevyh odinnadtsatimetrovyh no blows.

We already wrote that Italians have removed in Germany a damnation of Roberto Badzho . The miss of the ingenious football player in a penalty series in the ending of superiority of the world of 1994 with Brazilians cost Italy victories... By the way, that series was the first planet in the history of superiority.

But later 12 years, in Berlin, all five shots on collars of Barteza performed by Pirlo, Materatstsi, De Rossi, Del Pero and Grosso have laid down precisely in the purpose. And here Frenchman Trezege has not sustained a heavy look of Buffona and has got to a crossbeam...

They have won, and we have lost. I do not consider that all were solved by a case. Someone should win football. Today it were Italians. I congratulate them on good game - has shortly commented on an outcome of the ending Michel Platini.

- And what you think of removal of Zidana?

- the Player of its level and with its experience has no right to behave as the boy, in any way differently I cannot describe this act. It is a pity that its farewell match has turned out such...

Leaving from football of Zidana has not turned out beautiful, but precisely left remembered. Alas, to learn opinion on annoying incident from Zinedina to journalists it was not possible. The player in the rough form has refused to communicate with the press...

the Victim from the French celebrity of Materatstsi has declared that does not understand, why at Zidana have not sustained nerves:

- It has flared up, though there was a usual game episode which arises in any game much. But it has been excited! I at all have not believed, when have received blow! It was improbable... But now I do not want to speak about this trouble, after all we champions!

the Head coach of Italians Marcello Lippi as if has looked younger. For excitement the most experienced expert even has forgotten a native language! After several attempts to say: It was remarkable! Lippi has given out: the Bravissimo!. Today I can tell that I know, what it - to be the happiest person on light. It is an unforgettable instant in my life. Nobody believed that our command on forces to bring home a victory. Moreover, at us laughed. Laugh! I resolve! Champions are able to forgive!

- the Match has not turned out simple?

is there was an ending! Such matches happen at many once in life! And we managed to win. Very much worried before a penalty series. But each of football players has proved that is the present pro. They great football players because have created a tremendous victory.

- As to you the contender?

- Frenchmen, undoubtedly, have deserved a gratitude word. They struggled, and not their fault that the winner can be only one.

Recognized as the best player of a final meeting of Andrea Pirlo admitted that very much worried before leaving on duel with Bartezom:

- I first had a present panic! I could not calm down in any way... It would not be desirable even to think of a penalty. But as soon as the whistle of the arbitrator has sounded and I have seen Barteza, it became suddenly easy. I knew that I will hammer, and each of us was self-assured. Result of game and the championship I consider deserved. This victory was necessary to us. To us and our country. Though I cannot present that us expects the house...

- Really be afraid?

- you badly represent that for Italy this success means! Us can break off simply on souvenirs! (Laughs.)

Fabio Grosso in Italy for certain will put a monument. The player has brought to the command a victory in an uneasy semi-final with a command of Germany, and its blow became victorious in a final meeting:

- I am proud that my goals have helped Italy to become the best in the world a command. I need to collect the thoughts... Still badly I understand that has occurred... It is similar to a miracle. Each person has a dream. Any come true, any is not present. But that the most treasured were realised... Now I know, what it!

- That has not sufficed the contender?

- With Frenchmen it was uneasy. I would not want to repeat this match. They have exhausted us. Game was fighting literally words. It is a pity that they dared to be rude, but at all it they simply did not have good luck.

In a hand Dzhanluidzhi Buffona had a lawn scrap. The goalkeeper skuadry adzurry with pride has lifted it over a head and has declared that it is most expensive a souvenir In his life:

is there was a game equal. Courage has sufficed us to stand and become successful. The command has shown that possesses strength of mind. Besides, for the goalkeeper is not present bolshego happiness when the victorious outcome of a match is reached in a penalty series. Especially when it is the World championship ending!

- That be going to do with this scrap of a lawn?

- I Will leave as a relic. It should remain in my life, in memory of my children, grandsons, as well as that we have made today!

And here in a camp of the French national team the despondency reigned.

Instructor of the team Rajmon Domenek has courageously agreed on a rendezvous with out for blood representatives of mass-media and straight off named the main reason of defeat of the command:

- After have removed Zidana, at us practically does not remain chances of success... Know, there are such moments when you attack practically 80 minutes, have the moments for a capture of gate, but as a result lose... I do not want to justify, but we very much did not have remote Zinedina Zidana last 10 minutes of an extra time. Its absence has hard affected our game. Removal of Zidana has killed our chances of a victory - especially in an extra time when Italians, it was obvious, a penalty series waited... Psychologically they have won against us this duel.

- Why at Zidana have not sustained nerves?

- I do not want to justify its act, but it is difficult to be kept, when you beat throughout all match. This episode became last drop which has exhaust all patienced... It is a pity that such great football player has finished career thus. He so dreamt of a victory...

- As though you have estimated performance of the command in Germany?

- I am proud of that we have proved to ourselves and fans: France has the right to be the champion. I can be disappointed only by that we have conceded in the ending. But in the rest - the championship the command has spent excellent. It is not a shame to me with one of duels. It is a pity that the world cup was received by Italy, instead of we. They became champions, and we still have tears...

the Best football player CHM, the Gold ball

Zinedin Zidan, the halfback, the captain of French national team.

the Best bombardir CHM, Gold a football boot

Miroslav Kloze, attacking German national team, 5 balls.

the Best goalkeeper CHM, Lev Yashin prize

Dzhanluidzhi Buffon, the goalkeeper of Italian national team.

the Best player of ending CHM

Andrea Pirlo, the halfback of Italian national team.

the Best young player

Lukas Podolski, attacking German national team.

the Prize Fair game

Spanish national teams and Brazil.

the Prize Entertainment game

Portuguese national team.