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Sergey Ivanov: Doubts are not present, Basayev is destroyed

Yesternight vitse - the prime minister, the Minister of Defence of the Russian Federation Sergey Ivanov has arrived to the Chechen Republic, having cancelled earlier planned trip to Ural Mountains where he should participate in opening 5 - j the international exhibition Arms of military technology and ammunition in Nizhni Tagil.

Any doubts that Basayev - the terrorist on which hands blood of thousand Russian citizens, including women and children - it is destroyed - Ivanov has declared.

Doubts about it are not present - has underlined vitse - the prime minister.

I consider, it is the big victory of special services which have performed this operation. Anybody will not speak about details, at least, speak about it FSB and National antiterrorist committee - bodies which are authorised on it " can only; - has noticed vitse - the prime minister.

Once again I repeat - doubts are not present, Basayev is destroyed, liquidated - Ivanov has told.

In opinion vitse - a premiere, it will allow even more effectively to build and restore peace life on the distressful earth of the Chechen Republic .

At the same time Ivanov has noticed that destruction of this terrorist does not mean that a bandit underground in general is finished. work (on its liquidation) is necessary still, and such work is conducted. But Basayev`s destruction is a sign thing, he is our bin Laden - Ivanov has noticed.

As he said, any more does not remain anybody from heads of so-called Ichkeria.

If we remember the period 90 - h years and so-called Ichkeria heads of this so-called Ichkeria any more does not remain: Dudaev, Yandarbiev, Maskhadov, Basayev. All is finished - Sergey Ivanov has told.

RIA Novosti news agency Source