Rus News Journal

There was one of the missing passengers

It has jumped out of the plane the sixth. Even before explosion. Saw only as the wing has lighted up and has heard two claps, then shouts of passengers... All the rest - as in a fog.

- I remember Nothing, though kill. Has jumped, has looked round... Still I remember that was silent. I when have far departed already enough, have heard explosions and have seen, how all have begun to fuss...

To be registered at the rescuers who have arrived on a scene, Sergey did not become. And has gone to Irkutsk for the wife and the daughter. Only then, about eleven days, felt badly and has addressed in hospital, complaining of a strong poisoning and that is difficult to breathe.

- Patient Kuznetsov is delivered to us with the diagnosis a poisoning with carbonic oxide. There is begun treatment. Night it has spent easy, - the chief of branch of Irkutsk military hospital Victor Kalashnikov speaks.

After happened Sergey has sworn that henceforth will go only by train. That that day before a departure has sat down into place near to an emergency exit, considers as miracle.