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The first banquet in honour of the Victory was modest, but the Same toast is sincere

Zhukovs, Rokossovsky, Malinovsky, Konev say today...

Konstantin Vilevich Rokossovsky : on May, 9th the grandfather was in Germany. A victory has modestly celebrated with the staff. And reception for the British allies has been then arranged. For Englishmen the table with traditional Russian dishes, and even Montgomery which at first said that hour because at it affairs much, has spent at the Soviet military leaders all the evening long will sit all has been covered. The next years on a Victory Day for the grandfather traditionally fried its favourite pies with meat. Behind a table gathered all family. The first toast always was for the Victory. After death of the grandfather we celebrate this day on - to a miscellaneous, but one remains invariable - we, as well as the others, we bring flowers on its tomb. And this year in one of schools of Zelenograd the museum of my grandfather first in Russia will be opened.

Natalia Ivanovna Konev: the father has met the Victory in Prague. When it was live, on May, 9th we collected it on parade. Mum ironed the smart uniform, all awards polished to shine and to its arrival covered a festive table behind which all family gathered. And since the father did not become, this day I go on Red Square - to put flowers to its tomb. Usually in the morning in a Victory Day we are children of military leaders - we gather at a monument to George Konstantinovichu Zhukov. Parents of many of us are buried not on Red Square, but all of us together bear a flowers basket to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, after all our fathers and grandfathers were soldiers of the Great Patriotic War. Then we go to the Kremlin wall, we assign flowers to tombs of the parents, and then - in small small restaurant nearby. We come there with all members of our families - with children, grandsons. We lift a wine-glass for all commanders, chiefs of staffs, commanders and it is always shouted triple hurrah in memory of our parents and grandfathers... And this year on May, 9th all members of Fund of memory of commanders of the Victory which we have based, as always, will go to tombs of the parents. For us this main thing.

Natalia Rodionovna Malinovsky : the Father in a Victory Day has always been occupied, and in the evening at us its front friends gathered. Here some years on May, 9th we traditionally meet children of other commanders on Red Square. And this year we also all together will go to a temple of the Christ of the Savior on the action Alexander Nevsky . Will hand over There Alexander Nevsky`s awards to those to whom them have not handed over during war, and only now the award has found the hero. For me it is especially important that that whom will award these awards, will present the book of our fund Victory Names which we prepared last two years. In the book twenty portraits of commanders, beginning from gentlemen of an award Victories and finishing the well-known commanders. In each chapter - seventeen photos neopublished before and as much documents.

Ella Georgievna Zhukov : on Ninth of May, forty fifth the father was in Berlin. After signing of the act of unconditional surrender there was a banquet, under stories of eyewitnesses, noisy and cheerful. Then, after war, we, unfortunately, not always were together this day. After all the father at first was in Germany, then in Odessa, then in Sverdlovsk. But when it happened in Moscow, we sat down a table and drank for the Victory. And when the father has died, we tried to come this day to it on a tomb. As will be and this time. This year we gather also for the action Alexander Nevsky and, as usual, in the evening all family we will gather at home behind a festive table.

Igor Aleksandrovich Vasilevsky : The father was very sociable person, therefore at us on a summer residence in Arkhangelsk this day all relatives from Moscow gathered and not only. As we try to celebrate a Victory Day and now. This year I, as well as the others, am going to go to a tomb of the father, then to a temple of the Christ of the Savior. And then, as always on May, 9th, we will gather all family and we will remember those days when the father was with us.