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Vladimir Putin has handed over the state awards

the Star of the Hero of Russia is handed over to captain Anatoly Lebedju - monotonously within the limits of the report it was carried by on a hall. Has risen low without sticking out of - under a smart uniform of muscles the person and has with resolute step gone to Vladimir Putin. It was difficult even to assume that it does not have left foot, and all body is covered by scars from bullet and fragmental wounds. Thus it continues to serve till now in the Chechen Republic. I in Moscow only on pair days for award reception. Tomorrow again back to children - the captain has only informed the Swan after end of ceremony of rewarding.

And after all if have decided to shoot a film about its army life, much more impressing cinema, than, for example, American " would turn out; Rembo . Anatoly Lebed on liquidation of the armed gangs in territory of the Chechen Republic has started to carry out problems since November, 1999. It has received the first serious wound in June, 2003 when during time razvedyvatelno - search actions it was undermined on a land mine. Then the Swan has lost a foot. During performance of the next problem the Swan has covered with own body the wounded private soldier from a shot from a grenade cup discharge. Having got blind fragmental wound in a waist, he nevertheless has continued to order head patrol. As a result of that fight the base of insurgents has been grasped and is killed coherent Shamilja Basayev.

Though others awarded in the Kremlin also did not have yesterday so impressing pages of the biography, their merits before Fatherland are not less valuable. each of you on - special roads also is important Russia, - Vladimir Putin and for bolshej persuasiveness " has noticed; has plunged in history. - viability of the country, the people, society has been prepared by 1941, despite all attempts of a mode of that time to destroy this viability by reprisals. It has been prepared by talent and work of the Russian people. Today your successes continue to strengthen this viability .

Naming gathered guiding stars the president has started the ceremony of rewarding. The first to it accepted the president of the International union of musical figures Irina Arhipov to whom Vladimir Putin has handed over the Award of Sacred apostle Andrey Pervozvannogo. Besides Anatoly Lebedja Zvezdu Geroja Rossii the space pilot colonel Yury Shargin has received also.

has especially congratulated and the president has wished health the centenary academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences Sergey Nikolsky, handing over an award For merits before Fatherland II degrees. It on - former is professor MFTI and almost unique among academicians supervises over mathematics section at high school.

Awards for merits before Fatherland had been noted Nobel prize winner Jores Alfyorov and the academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences Evgenie Velihov between whom theoretical dispute was there and then fastened. Other participants of ceremony were connected to it also. Alfyorov continued to convince again Putin that Russia will return itself the status of the great state only after in the Fatherland the science becomes claimed first of all. we should not lose spirit genetics - its other order bearer the general director of the State academic Small theatre Victor Korshunov has supported. Velihov spoke about revival of the Russian science in the present with where the big optimism: Especially I want to note development of modern information technology and power mechanical engineering .

I you, Vladimir Vladimirovich, ask only about one, - the chairman of committee of veterans of war of Altay territory Vasily Khristenko has returned on the transitory earth of participants of discussion within the limits of the reciprocal words. - pay attention to veterans of work of military years. They after all now drag pity existence. The pension in 2,5 thousand roubles speaks about much . About much spoke and following performance of lieutenant colonel Igor Barinov, to which only thing from the present have handed over an award For military merits : I the person the military man. As the former employee of Federal Agency of safety, and nowadays the deputy of the State Duma I want to report on you on successful introduction in the State Duma . For which merits to it have handed over an award, remains it is not known, but hardly for on what the deputy himself has decided to report on the president.

This time most of all awarded, namely seven, have arrived to Moscow from Tatarstan. Courage awards were received at once by four members of team KamAZ - the Master . In their coin box still an award of Honour and two medals of an award For merits before Fatherland . In January of this year a command KamAZ - the Master In the sixth time became the winner trudnejshej races Paris - Dakar, and in the end of winter on a visit to kamazovtsam there came Vladimir Putin. we, certainly, will try be again the first in next year. Allow us to hope thus already for a meeting in Dakar - has told, receiving an award, the adviser of the general director KamAZa Simeon Yakubov.