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Communists will defend the right to a referendum in court

to Have legal proceedings communists one have gone. Certainly, there are no doubts that by the time of judicial session in a hall on pleasure to journalists there will be also leader NBP Edward Limonov, and the leader of the party the Native land Dmitry Rogozin, and even the deputy of the State Duma Sergey Glazyev - a word, all who participated in session of the first initiative subgroup on preparation for carrying out of the all-Russian referendum. But under the statement there are only signatures of the secretary of the Central Committee Vadim Soloveva and its companions from Vladimir Ulasa and Vladimir Lakeeva`s Moscow Communist Party organisation. The Trinity asks judges VS or to recognise as illegal decision TSIKa from April, 20th and to cancel it, or to force the Central Electoral Commission to return again to consideration of questions for plebiscite taking into account the shown arguments. We will remind that after two sessions TSIKa communists could beat off only two questions for referendum carrying out: About preservation of delays from service in army and about possibility of preservation of one-mandatory districts at elections in the State Duma (according to reform of the selective legislation, the Duma - 2007 will select under party lists).

In the claim of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation asks for 13 questions is an essential updating if to consider that in their first list was 17. Have been removed by the sixth (about restoration of savings of the citizens made till 1992) and the eleventh questions (introduction of the value-added tax for incomes of physical persons). As has informed the vice-president of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation Ivan Melnikov, two questions it was necessary to initiators to exclude after consultations of lawyers, it became clear that while we will not achieve modification of the law on a referendum, prospects in their upholding are not present . As to other questions Millers it is assured that very strong positions On the first question (increase of salaries and pensions to a living wage - it expressed readiness to support even in Union of Right Forces), to the seventh (state property introduction on bowels, woods, enterprises VPK and pipelines), the twelfth (hour of a broadcasting time for each party in the State Duma) and to the thirteenth (change of the law on a referendum).

Know, such sensation, - predicted Millers, - what not so many problems should be overcome to achieve positive decision TSIKa on these questions, positions of members TSIKa on them strongly fluctuated . And it is valid, during last voting (9 to 5) in the Central Electoral Commission considerable contradictions were found out. For example, member TSIKa Evgenie Koljushin, having used the right of private opinion, even has published the objections in article in the Soviet Russia . For this reason communists do not want to start work on two confirmed questions as both not too - that answer the propaganda purposes of opposition. But still expenses have appeared the big obstacle: only the regional subgroup can collect signatures in support of a referendum, means, by estimations of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, in it there should be nearby 1000 persons. Only for registration of this subgroup the notary should pay from 100 thousand roubles to 150 thousand roubles, without considering expenses on premise rent even if the sum is put down purely symbolical. we do not presume luxury to do to ourselves double work - Ivan Melnikov believes.

Session VS is expected in the twentieth of May, then, probably, there will be one more trial with the Central Electoral Commission, and only after that communists intend to hold repeated session of the Moscow subgroup. Only then, according to Melnikova, taking into account new materials from TSIKa and VS We will bring updatings in 13 questions . But the delay does not stir the Communist Party of the Russian Federation: the party organises legal consultations with attraction of not having party membership cards of jurists literally in advance to consider the formulation of each of questions. For example, one of questions has been rejected TSIKom because the word combination " has been used; constantly living instead of confirmed in the law mainly living . Besides, for regional Communist Party organisations on already taken place organizational actions have written recommendations about preparation for referendum carrying out. A press - Glazyev Sergey Tkachuk`s secretary has confirmed that, despite the personal initiative of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation on a reference to the court, consultations between organizers proceed. It also has expressed confidence that in case of failure in VS oppositionists will be ready to address in the Constitutional court.