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The chief Abu Grejb Dzhanis Karpinski have degraded in colonels

the Corresponding order US president George Bush has signed. Karpinski has been recognised by guilty of neglect of the duties. Besides the former chief of prison has suppressed from command the arrest fact for theft in garrison shop some years ago.

we Will remind, scandal round prison in suburb of Bagdad has burst in October of last year after the publication in a press of photos of tortures and mockeries at Iraqis. Then other facts of cruel treatment of prisoners that has caused a wave of criticism concerning the American occupation of Iraq were opened also.

Dzhanis Karpinski became the most high-ranking officer punished in connection with history about mockeries at the Iraq prisoners in Abu - Grejb . Under messages of representatives of the Pentagon, administrative punishments following the results of check one colonel and one lieutenant colonel have undergone also. Besides, to two more colonels collectings have been taken out. This or that responsibility for various offences in the course of the reference with arrested persons in Iraq and Afghanistan has been assigned in total to 125 soldiers and officers of the USA.

Nevertheless from the former commander of armies of the USA in Iraq the general - lieutenant Rikardo Sanchez and its three assistants to suspicion in connivance to mockeries over captured have been removed.

the American mass-media write that degrading of the general in colonels the Pentagon definitely wants to put end under the trials connected with scandals in Abu - Grejb . However many in Washington, especially in democratic party of the USA, are convinced that responsibility for mockeries at Iraqis lies on the higher officers. The senate already begins own investigation. Therefore it is not excluded that new collectings and discharges from posts in the Pentagon will soon follow.