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In Krasnoyarsk bodies of children are found out?

it is not excluded that bodies belong to the Krasnoyarsk schoolboys, enigmatically gone on April, 16th. However with complete certainty it is impossible to speak about it. Persons of victims are not established yet. Bodies have strongly scorched, actually the heap of bones is found in a collector. There were even not clearly remains skolkih the person are found out in a settlement collector Warm Small river that in Leninsk area of Krasnoyarsk. To two - three or five.

On Monday the source in law enforcement bodies has informed RG that it is a question about five victims, presumably teenagers. Examination should give the definitive answer. According to the employee a press - services of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs of Krasnoyarsk region of Igor Fedorova sudmedkeksperty have already started to work.

Now peace officers try to establish, as remains of victims have appeared in a collector. There are some versions - unstated while the murderer, covering up traces, has burnt bodies of victims. On other accident as a result of a fire. Meanwhile, parents gone in the middle of April of teenagers with excitement wait for results of examination. Still there is a hope that bodies do not belong to the disappeared boys.

we Will remind, pupils of school 50 Maxim Talmanov, Safar Aliev, Galash Mamedgasanov, Alexander Lavrinov and Dmitry Makarov were gone on April, 16th. Some thousand persons have been involved in their searches: law enforcement officers, the Ministry of Emergency Measures, officials, working public utilities, representatives of the Azerbaijan national diaspora.

wood and country files, islands on Yenisei Were combed, cellars and attics of houses were checked. Governor Alexander Hloponin declared compensation in hundred thousand roubles for the information on teenagers. Searched not only in territory of Krasnoyarsk and edge - gone children are declared in federal search. Criminal cases have been raised in Office of Public Prosecutor of Krasnoyarsk region as regards 2 articles 126 of the criminal code of Russian Federation Abduction obviously minor and articles 105 Murder of two and more persons . In favour of the first version told testimony of one of schoolboys which ostensibly saw how its companions sat down in a foreign car. Besides, law enforcement bodies had two more versions: leaving from the house (the schoolmate of children has told that they prepared to to travel ) and accident .

it is necessary to notice that children lived in Leninsk area. And here on May, 8th bodies in a collector have been found out. According to some information the collector already was some times checked during search spot-checks but then in it of anything suspicious it was revealed not.