Rus News Journal

The Ministry of Internal Affairs has remembered victims

Generals already have gathered, the deputy minister of internal affairs has already approached, and action all did not begin. Waited for veterans.

the Rain collected the strength since the morning. Eventually, was delivered small morostsem under which ordinary militiamen fussed. Waited for the Minister of Internal Affairs, and therefore the Trumpet area near circus in Color parkway where there is a monument Grateful Russia - to soldiers of the law and order have started to prepare hour for two Nurgalieva before arrival. The Proezzhuju part cleaned from superfluous motor transport, in the form of automobile cars, park in which there is a monument, have fenced with a live chain from OMON fighters from uninvited visitors, in the name of casual passers-by. Militian generals from the ministry became harbingers of the big heads. At first there were they, has then passed hearing that the minister has left.

Nurgaliev has not arrived, instead of it there was the first zam, Alexander Tchekalin. The rain seldom - seldom drizzled, veterans all were not, on park two ordinary employees of the ministry who all time were adjusted by any chief rushed with two boxes of colours. At last, there were long-awaited two buses which left veterans. The generals were there and then built by a system.

Tchekalin Ordered militian microparade, it and conducted a system, its assistants, closing steels veterans followed. The OMON fighters already fulfilling duties of a guard of honour, through one missed, truth when by took place lampasnyj a system, stood at attention.

When generalo - the veteran system has approached to a monument, standing nearby, the orchestra has burst the March of the Preobrazhenskiy regiment already later the conductor has told that it meet always and all. To a monument Tchekalin and a system have approached already under Dreams Schuman which as it was found out, always play on solemn putting on of colours. Then minute of silence under Soviet - the Russian hymn.

the Celebratory wreath why - that have taken out for a monument and have put from a wall, like as, far away from a human eye (too nobody could explain why it so have hidden). In the same place generals and veterans on - voinski welcomed victims in days of war, in the same place assigned flowers. An orchestra foniroval okudzhavskoj the Victory from the Belarus station . The first zam the minister did not begin to say solemn speeches, and has simply approached to journalists and has told that in days of war every fourth employee of law-enforcement bodies has left in field army that all on fields of battles were lost more than hundred thousand militiamen that now there is a real war with criminality, and has there and then gone towards an exit.

the Guard of honour was already photographed near a monument when veterans have embused and have gone towards the centre. Again a system, again flowers, and again an orchestra. However, here played music the Adagio Valery Halilova. This composition as it was found out already here, too play on solemn putting on of wreaths and too always. Under Halilova the wreath and flowers have assigned at eternal fire and a monument to the unknown soldier. Again a hymn. generalo - the veteran system has reached a monument to Zhukov under silence the author - the nature. Here flowers stacked under the Victory March composer Arutyunov.

All has ended without speeches. Generals and veterans have quietly assigned flowers, have then dispersed. The orchestra has a little more stood, then the director has sharply ordered around as if having come round, and musicians a fast pace have moved back to a tomb of the unknown soldier. There the next system, already from the Patriarchy already approached.