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At the summit Russia - EU in Moscow will not be signed any document

the Present summit sums up to a biennial cycle of work which has begun in St.-Petersburg in May, 2003. Then leaders of Russia and the EU countries have made the political decision on working out of four general spaces of Russia and EU. It is a question of principles of cooperation of Russia and EU in sphere of economy, external safety, freedom and justice, and also formation.

As has informed a source close to the foreign policy country leaders, work on drawing up of road maps on each of these spaces is almost finished.

However, according to the source, at the Moscow summit these documents will not be signed. Now even there is no saying, when it will occur.

According to a number of experts, the future the document of four cards hardly it is possible to consider promising. Its main lack that it will not have obligatory validity. The contract text will represent only expression of political will.

To the big disappointment of Moscow, contract signing between Russia and EU about simplification of a visa regime was without day transferred, Russia and the European Union did not manage to reach all arrangements. Bruxelles achieves introduction of long-term visas to those who comes to Russia with business trips from Moscow.

the Parties understand that the visa-free regime remains the remote prospect. Moreover, EU is inclined to co-ordinate it to signing of boundary treaties between Moscow and two Baltic republics - Latvia and Estonia.

As it became known, the contract with Estonia is supposed to be signed on May, 18th in Moscow. However with Latvia contract signing was transferred without day.

will not manage at the summit and without discussions. The Russian side has paid attention to the recent statement vitse - the chairman of Eurocommission Gjuntera Ferhojgena about an indisputable fact occupations Baltics Soviet Union. It has made this statement, being with official visit to Estonia.

EU Management has tried to be discharged of this history, having declared that told by Ferhojgenom is its personal opinion. However in Moscow there were doubts: if one of heads of Eurocommission dares to make such statements at an official meeting, it means that in Eurocommission there is no unanimity in sights for a post-war history.

Strangely enough, the statement of Ferhojgena has caused in Moscow much bigger interest, than the official statement of incorporated Europe devoted 60 - summer anniversary of the Victory over fascism. In it EU recognised that Europe has definitively got rid of dictatorships only after falling of the Berlin wall instead of after the Soviet armies took Berlin. Thus in dispute of Moscow and Ferhojgena the European Union has actually supported the last.

the question of realisation of the last year`s joint statement of Russia and EU in connection with EU expansion will be the Subject of special attention at the summit also. As the source, Russia has informed all obligations under this statement has executed and even has exceeded - ratified the Kiotsky report.

However the European Union, according to Moscow, has not executed some points. It is a question of the Kaliningrad transit, about a number trading - economic agreements, and also on observance of the rights of national minorities in Baltic republics.

At Russia and the European Union many questions each other have collected. The forthcoming summit in Moscow can become good possibility to discuss become painful. However historical this meeting can become only in the event that Russian and Europeans will manage to solve the most part of the problems.