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In the Netherlands tried to take hold a nuclear small suitcase Bush

Six active workers of one of the Dutch youth organisations, having armed with field-glasses and the distinctive signs simulating symbolics of the International agency on atomic energy (IAEA), have tried to get into hotel where head of the White house has stopped.

so impudent plan fraught with unpredictable consequences, has been broken by Dutch military men protecting hotel. All six potential spies have been detained. On a question on the purpose of so unusual visit to the American president, they have declared that were going to check up so-called a nuclear small suitcase . We heard, - one of arrested persons has told, - that Bush has such suitcase with the red button with which help it at any moment can make active the nuclear weapon. We consider it very dangerous . In what could result successful penetration Saviours of mankind in hotel, it is necessary to guess only.

Simultaneously with it in Amsterdam and some other cities of the Netherlands have passed the numerous protest actions dated for visit of the American president. For example, the demonstrators who have gathered at consulate of the USA in the Dutch capital on purpose to express indignation by a policy of Washington in Iraq and Afghanistan, held slogans with inscriptions Stop Bush .

According to polls, third of Dutches considers that Bush should not come to the Netherlands.