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On caucasus the Victory Day has passed without acts of terrorism

Pressure in a Victory Day was so great that it was necessary to refuse carrying out of celebratory actions in Kaspijske. All markets this day have closed. The centre of Makhachkala have in good time blocked supersize trailers. Three days prior to celebrations access on a city central square have limited and it is constant all corners checked with dogs. From ten about twelve days, just for the period of carrying out of celebratory meeting in Makhachkala, cellular communication has been just in case blocked.

As people frankly admitted the Dagestan capital, the majority of inhabitants was afraid of possible acts of terrorism and was rather afraid to leave this day on street.

But solemn actions in Makhachkala have turned out wonderfully well. All fears have appeared vain - any act of terrorism. Only one incident hardly was has not saddened a holiday. After on the area heads of Dagestan have solemnly congratulated veterans, actors and equestrians have shown the skill, the turn of commandoes has come. From their single shots from automatic machines one of horses has dumped the equestrian on asphalt and has incurred. And here, as at the cinema, across become stupid horse the man from crowd has rushed, has seized in a jump by a bit and has hung at it on a neck. All who saw it, have approvingly hooted, having estimated an act of the unknown person.

Then the orchestra still sounded, military men marched and even the helicopter with huge Russian trikolorom flied. But the most important thing that on all area names of the most deserved veterans of republic have announced. And to Dagestan is whom to be proud. In republic know the Heroes of Soviet Union. Many have already died, but one, perhaps, the most known in republic, was yesterday in presidium - 83 - summer Jakub Sulejmanov.

In days of the Great Patriotic War the first Star of the Hero it, the commander of reconnaissance group, has received, when has taken prisoner 320 fritsev. The second Star has remained at it only in the complete set of documents. In 1945 it with subordinates liquidated group of saboteurs. Till now the higher award of the country and has not found the hero though all complete set of documents has remained.

Dagestan and the heroes of France and Italy Is proud. The higher awards of these states have received laktsy Gasan Kamals and Gusejn Kushaev. The first escaped from a fascist prisoner-of-war camp in Italy and has headed there guerrilla group. The second became the hero of the French Resistance when, running from camp, has joined to de to Gaulle. Buried in Italy in 1945 grateful fellows villager have put to Kamalovu a monument in its native Chiture, and Kushaev has endured war and then long time worked as the hairdresser in native settlement Hulusma.

Yesterday the veterans congratulated and in the Chechen Republic. In spite of the fact that Chechens in 1944 have been moved, that who wanted to be at war, did not forbid it to do. Chechen Movlid Visaitov one of the first left to Oder and has then received the higher award of the USA.

However, celebrating in Grozny has turned out yesterday more modest, than in Dagestan. Heads of republic have congratulated veterans of war in territory of a complex of the governmental buildings. President Alhanov has handed over to veterans costly presents and cars Oka . A smart march have passed divisions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Ministry of Emergency Measures of the Chechen Republic, and also a part of Internal troops of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia.

Many in republic remembered yesterday Ahmata Kadyrov who has lost one year ago. And insurgents have organised the present storm kadyrovskoj citadels in Tsentoroe.

As the Minister of Internal Affairs of the Chechen Republic colonel Ruslan Alhanov has informed, on Monday morning the group of insurgents has made an attempt armed attack on village. Employees of a regiment of militia of a special purpose of a name of Ahmata Kadyrov have engaged with insurgents. Eight attacking have been killed. Their persons are established - Alhanov has told.

Alhanov also has noticed that two police officers are wounded.