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Parade became the culmination of celebrating 60 - letija Victories

Heads of the leading states have risen, welcoming soldiers - winners. It has not been planned because to plan such it is impossible. In the face of many there were tears...

Victory Parade: the photo report

Correspondents observed parade almost personally: from concert hall windows Russia in which the press - the centre settled down, it was visible, as military boxes left Red Square. And in a press - the centre the direct transmission on special monitors was conducted. Before parade in Moscow nakrapyval a rain. and after all promised to disperse clouds, - journalists were perplexed. - really have not consulted? but Minister of Defence Sergey Ivanov has denied these conjectures. As he said, approach to thunderclouds has begun precisely under the schedule - at nine o`clock forty five minutes. The enemy in the form of a rain has been rejected on distant boundaries. Here as in the war: if approach has begun hardly earlier, could and lose fight (in this case - fight with deposits). If Military - air forces have performed operation on clearing of the sky of clouds counting upon earlier period it is impossible to exclude, and almost for certain so and was that storm deposits would drop out during parade, - Sergey Ivanov has explained, - to clear the sky of clouds it is possible only on very certain interval of time, especially from such heavy clouds .

It is necessary to tell that parade - a show on the judge. Experts admired bearing... Guard dogs and a ceremonial step of horses. For the first time since 1945 a march on Red Square there have passed cynologists with the pupils. If the show seemed to someone not impressing, at least the ten canine friends let will try to force to march in step.

For a long time did not invite to parades and cavalrymen. Yesterday in a historical part of parade this injustice has been corrected: before visitors has galloped a squadron. It is interesting that organizers of parade were afraid horse unexpectedness therefore even thought to hang up on horses special sacks. However then this idea have refused and to avoid incidents, horses since morning did not feed.

But technicians on parade almost were not. After cardinal reorganisation of the centre of Moscow the heavy combat material cannot be shown on Red Square. And present parade is only drill display. The unique exception has been made for legendary polutorok, is more exact - the trucks stylised under the cars of times of the Great Patriotic War. On them on Red Square veterans have passed. It was the most touching moment of Parade, its culmination. Leaders of leading world powers have risen, welcoming the Russian veterans of war. Soldiers - winners waited for this moment sixty years.

And the modern part of parade has then begun. A solemn march have passed military academies and institutes, fighting regiments. For the first time during Parade on Red Square mobile chambers by planes and cars were used. They transferred a picture from the car of the Minister of Defence, from polutorok with veterans and even from... The planes which have flown by over Red Square.

- Parade has passed simply fine, the excellent organisation, - the participant of Parade the veteran of war, the general - the major in resignation Ivan Martynov has shared impression. - It is a pity, what not all could pass on Red Square.

Besides, many - both spectators and participants - regretted that there was no third part - combat material parade. What would we see such that could not see citizens still Soviet Union on Parade on May, 9th, 1990? From autoarmor to novelties which had not time to show on parades, it is possible to carry: a fighting vehicle of support of tanks (BMPT), family of fighting vehicles BMP - 3 and BMD - 3, a new armoured troop-carrier an armored troop-carrier - 90, 120 - mm a self-propelled gun Vienna heavy fire-throwing system Buratino the jointed tractor Rusich the universal car - a platform the Water-transport worker a jeep the Tiger . From air defence means - Tungusku the Armour With - 300, With - 400. From small arms - automatic machine Nikonova Abakan a silent large-caliber rifle the Shaft machine guns Pecheneg and the Cord pistols GSH - 18 and Gjurza . At last, over Red Square the flight " quite could fly by; Black sharks - fighting helicopters Ka - 50.

Still it is possible to allocate and stylised under cars of military years the trucks collected on one of the Moscow automobile parades. The destiny of these cars is not clear yet. As earlier spoke vitse - the mayor of Moscow Valery Shantsev, probably, cars will alter back and will sell, they do not represent historical value, unless for fans. As and these trucks are not absolutely similar to analogues.

But such details excited veterans of war a little. They very much liked Parade. And with special enthusiasm each veteran - the spectator welcomed that combat arm in which itself served. we most beautifully go! - veterans standing on tribunes when by there passed military men in " spoke; native to the form.