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Russian national team on hockey goes without defeats

Unfortunately, already in the first match of a qualifying round the command of Krikunova with realisation of this program had a hitch - we could not beat Swisses. On a board the neutral account - 3:3 has been fixed.

After a match the head coach of Russian national team Vladimir Krikunov practically without emotions has shared with journalists the impressions about game:

- we were in earnest About a match, but inexcusable errors in protection have brought to nothing everything that has been created and realised by forwards. But I nevertheless consider that against Swisses we have shown the best game in this championship. I hope that with Czechs at us it will turn out to play not worse.

leaders of our group - Czechs were the Following contender of a Russian team.

However, in some hours prior to the beginning of game among representatives of mass-media the hearing was carried by that Vladimir Krikunov has deduced Ilya Kovalchuka and Sergey Zinoveva from the basic structure of a national team.

Colleagues said about somebody serious dissonance in a command after which the trainer and has made so rigid decision. How here it is possible to speak about a victory over Czechs with Jagrom when in collective there is no stability?

In gloomy mood we went in SHtadthalle . However there we were waited by a pleasant surprise - in a starting lineup both surnames exiles appeared in a three of an attack with Kozlovym. Whether

There was an information on Ilya and Sergey`s deduction by tactical cunning of our trainers or simply panic out of the blue, - and remains a riddle. And Shouters, and Kovalchuk this theme to discuss after game have refused. But remains the fact that on game of Kovalchuka news about deduction has affected immediately. Ilya has again proved in all beauty - played fervently and powerfully, has thrown a washer, was deservedly recognised the best as a part of a national team and has received gratitude from Krikunova.

the Match with Czechs has stood out very uneasy. Only in the third period all were solved by Alexander Semin`s a little funny goal. Russians again could play the superfluous player. Alexey Yashin has powerfully directed a washer to the Czech collars, and Semin passing by has deliberately tripped up, from which the washer has flown in a grid. The goal looked very disputable. The main arbitrator has gone to look videorecording. Long conferred with assistants and eventually has taken out a verdict - a washer to include. We have won 2:1, and Russian national team guaranteed to itself a place in a world championship quarterfinal.

After game Vladimir Krikunov has noticed in conversation with the correspondent that its command very much wanted to win against Czechs:

- I will not dissemble - this game was here one of the most important. On its outcome depended very many. And including the match should show, how much ourselves are ready to games in a quarterfinal. We expected that opposition will be difficult and consequently asked players to pay the basic attention to defence. It was almost clear that one of commands will win a victory with the minimum account. It is healthy that as winners there were we. I am happy with how the command has led all match though defects suffice also us it is necessary to correct tactical misses, basically connected with game in defence. Czechs too very much were pleasant to me, but they have not considered that we wanted to win more.

| Whom from structure would sew commands you have noted especially?

Vladimir Krikunov | Certainly goalkeeper Maxim Sokolova, confident which game has allowed us to win. When we have moved - 2:1 have decided to play on result preservation. And in the third period Czechs had many moments to even up scores, but our Sokolov worked wonders! With such back it is possible to speak about realisation of the most courageous plans in the championship. I hope that at Maxim this spirit and in the nearest games will remain.

it is natural, I am grateful to Ilya Kovalchuku. It was exposed time and again to the fair criticism including for my part but after that a match I have thanked him is Ilya has shown that it the real professional and when it is necessary, can gather and prove to be in all beauty, to be the leader of a command. And in general each player accurately carried out installations and fought for result.

RG | you know, what the team of Russia remains unique on the tournament, not lost any match?

Shouters | (with a smile) Really this so? And we also are not going to lose and further (laughs).

RG | And all - taki with whom you would prefer to play a quarterfinal?

Shouters | It is possible to argue long that the same Finns are weaker than Americans, or on the contrary. What difference - with whom? It is the World championship. A quarterfinal. Here again all commands want to receive at least a medal. To become the champion, it is necessary to beat any contender, and we are not going to recede from this problem.

Has agreed to communicate to our correspondent and Ilya Kovalchuk. Having apologised that cannot devote much time, he so has commented on prospects of our command:

- we have a game, there is a thought and there is a result. All the rest is our intrigues. Errors and miscalculations we will correct. Ambitions suffices at everyone. Personally I want to throw a washer in the ending.

Having smiled broadly, Kovalchuk has disappeared in the bus and with a mysterious kind has concentrated on studying of vicinities of arena. Abundantly clear that for it and our command now it is very important to keep a spirit and game which, perhaps, will allow us to be proud of the hockey national team again.

Yesterday, in a Victory Day, Russian national team played against a command of Kazakhstan. Also has won - 3:1.

As to chetvertfinalnyh steam they were defined yesterday late at night, after number signing in the press.