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Saakashvili has arrived as the ambitious leader of the democratic state

As the leader of Georgia has explained, at Tbilisi was the hope to be released from the rests of a totalitarian Soviet mode - from the Russian military bases . The Georgian president has underlined that the finding of the Russian military bases in territory of its country does not enter into interests Georgia, Russia. moreover, - he has told, - the finding of these bases does not promote improvement of relations between our countries and even disturbs it. At first all went well, but in the end the arrangement has not been reached .

Saakashvili named the decision not to go to Moscow on celebrating 60 - letija victories an act the ambitious leader of the democratic state .

Acting yesterday before five thousand veterans of war in Victory Park in the centre of Tbilisi, the president of Georgia has promised to return them to Abkhazia. In 1992 - 1993 our veterans self-denyingly struggled for territorial integrity of Georgia and Abkhazia. Our shame that have expelled these people therefrom. Descendants of Melitona Kantarija cannot get today to Abkhazia, - has declared Saakashvili. - but I assure you that we still will have new Kantarii because our flag should be returned to Abkhazia. And I firmly promise that to you . At this Saakashvili has underlined that has considered itself obliged not to go anywhere . We are not worse at all than others and in this war we have made much more, - the president of Georgia has declared. - in percentage terms Georgia has lost most in the biggest war of Europe. Last operation in Europe was on the Dutch island Teksel where heads were combined by Georgians. The Georgian has assigned a flag over Rejhstagom .

in Moscow consider that one of Michael Saakashvili`s causes of a failure to arrive to Moscow became nedoponimanie . The first deputy of head has declared it the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia Valery Loshchinin. It is a pity that Michael Saakashvili has not arrived, - Valery Loshchinin has told, - however it is necessary to notice that 60 - letie the Great Victory over fascism - independent value, and it should be taken into consideration .

In the Georgia in these holidays all authorities and opposition have been concentrated on preparation of a meeting with US president George Bush.