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Members of trade unions BECTU can send to sowing of Novgorodtseva on pension

and NUJ have decided to spend strike which will last 12 or 24 hours. The protest action should pass in second half of May - the beginning of June.

It is expected that the corporation management will try to reduce to a minimum a damage of absence of employees for work, however trade unions demand black screens and an empty aether .

In statement BECTU it is said that trade union will make everything that in our forces that all transfers which are going on the air " have suffered;.

On Thursday trade unions should solve, what form will be accepted by strike and when it will occur.

Strike was supported by 77,6 % of members BECTU and 84 % - NUJ.

In April Bi - bi - si has declared that regrets about plans of trade unions, having added that Any action which will do much harm to corporation work, finally will affect the population which television annual gathering " pays;.

General director Bi - bi - si Mark Thompson has declared that with dismissal of the personnel the corporation can annually spend for manufacture of new programs of 350 million pounds (about 660 million dollars).

He underlines that the most part of reductions will be reached thanks to voluntary uhodam employees on pension.