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Saakashvili has awarded the order to Bush Sacred George

the Concert has taken place in the evening on May, 9th open-air, at natural scenery - in an environment of ancient houses with freakish patten balconies. At first Bush was taken aback. Then it swung a head in a step to incendiary music, has jumped on a scene, was photographed with actors, shook it hands. Business has come to an end that in 45 minutes instead of 15 minutes planned by report Bush, dancing, has left area of sulfuric baths. The chorus has started singing Mravalzhamier ( Long summer ) . These shots on the air broadcast leading broadcasting companies of the world.

And yesterday the official part of visit of the American president to Georgia has begun. It has met the president of Georgia Michael Saakashvili, the speaker of parliament of Nino Burjanadze, members of parliament, and also with representatives of the national minorities living in Georgia.

At a briefing in parliament Bush has declared that the USA support the peace decision of the problems exciting Georgia. Speech, in particular, goes about a conclusion of the Russian military bases from the Georgian territory and settlement of conflicts to Abkhazia and South Ossetia. Bush has informed that has discussed with the president of Russia Vladimir Putin a question of a conclusion of bases. As he said, Putin has noticed that wants cooperation with the government of Georgia. It is the big step from Russia concerning the government and the people of Georgia. Sooner or later this question will dare .

As to a problem of settlement of conflicts to Abkhazia and South Ossetia, that, according to Bush, at the government of Georgia good strategy to cope with conflicts. A role of the USA in questions of a conclusion of bases and settlements of conflicts Bush sees in work with the international organisations and the various groups occupied with peaceful settlement. Saakashvili has undertaken a constructive step and has offered an autonomy (South Ossetia. - Red .) - he has told. The American president also has noticed that Saakashvili often consults on it on various questions, and if the Georgian president agrees, the set of questions will be solved together and peacefully.

the American president remained is happy with democratic achievements of Georgia. revolution of roses was the strong moment in a modern history, and has shown to the whole world a good example. Georgia has in a short space of time passed a successful way, has undertaken set of steps that in the country already nothing threatened democracy - he has told. A role of the USA Bush sees in the help to the Georgian economy that democratic processes in the country developed and further.

In a context of the Georgian democracy Russia has been mentioned also. According to Bush, Russia should be favourable for having such the democratic and peace neighbour, as Georgia .

In second half of day Bush and Saakashvili have acted on the Tbilisi area of Freedom. On the area and adjoining streets, according to some information, has gathered about 150 thousand persons. Certainly, the Georgian and American special services have accepted unprecedented security measures. The tribune from which presidents of two countries acted, has been fenced by armour glass.

Prinarodno Saakashvili has handed over to the American president the higher award of Georgia - Sacred George`s award.