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Ministry of Justice He has developed alternative measures of punishment

concerns those whom have sentenced, for example, to obligatory works. Also it is necessary to look narrowly more attentively at this instruction and conditionally condemned.

what to punish is does not mean to plant, in the civilised world have understood for a long time. In sew to the country have come to it rather recently. In the Soviet years preferred to put even for small sins. Now times others and punishment kinds too. Since this year courts across all Russia began to sentence to obligatory works which existed before only in several regions as experiment. Under the forecast, to work for the society blessing will be sentenced 80 - 90 thousand persons. Condemned, received such punishment, nobody sends for a lattice. To fulfil punishment it should at leisure in a residence. The amount of works will be defined by local authorities, and behind that the condemned did not shirk, will criminally watch - executive inspections.

the Same inspections supervise and conditionally condemned. Those who has received conditional term, should put on the account, supervise, regularly cause in inspection for dushespasitelnoj conversations. Then conditional the prisoner should report regularly to inspection about the behaviour. If the ward it will be bad to conduct itself at liberty or in general will try to disappear, conditional term will outgrow in the real.

In the near future in Russia there should be one more kind of punishment - freedom restriction. It is written down in the Criminal code. Alternative punishments - business rather new, but is already good itself recommended

After couple of years back considerable changes have been made to the Criminal code, behind a lattice there were, according to in Federal Agency of execution of the punishments, only most otjavlennye criminals. They are murderers, tyrants, robbers and to it similar types. For such punishment remains former: prison, and only prison. Obligatory works, conditional term and other innovations are necessary to those who is not too dangerous socially and has every chance to become the normal citizen. Therefore also such kinds of punishment that as it is paradoxical sounds are developed, it was more difficult to get to prison.

In the near future in Russia there should be one more kind of punishment - freedom restriction. It is written down in the Criminal code. But that it for an animal, is not absolutely clear yet. It was originally supposed that it will be short-term arrest or a reformatory. But the Federal Agency of execution of punishments offers other variant: the court should impose on the criminal of restriction, a condition and interdictions. For example: not to come nearer to the house of the former wife is closer, than on kilometre. Or to pass a course at the psychotherapist. Or not to visit night clubs, to be at home in the evening. While it reminds the American films more. But it is very fast, are assured in minjuste, such punishments become a commonplace and in Russia.

As the director of Federal Agency of execution of punishments Yury Kalinin, " has told to the correspondent; as a matter of fact, restrictions of freedom at us already exist. What is the conditional condemnation, how not freedom restriction? after all the court can impose on conditionally punished various duties like: not to change a work place, to receive medical treatment for alcoholism and so on. How to operate in this case executive inspection - and it is written in the instruction published today century

And the Ministry of Justice suggests to expand a circle of interdictions and the conditions imposed on court. Presumably that to the given punishment will be condemned to 40 - 50 thousand persons a year. Naturally, it will add also works criminally - to executive inspections. How to supervise everything, conditionally planted and sentenced to work - after all you will not put to everyone the escort? Almost all questions are removed by the instruction about an order of execution of punishments without isolation from a society. almost all because any questions are added always by life. Certainly, this instruction not out of place will read not only to employees of inspections, but also the condemned. It is important to know, how to be struck off the register. Or - it is interesting - if the person have detained to court and have kept in the chamber, and the court has sentenced to obligatory works one day under guards is set off for eight hours of obligatory works. If the person has fulfilled, and then a sentence have cancelled, the withheld money will return to it.

Alternative punishments - business rather new, but is already good itself recommended. Of Federal Agency of execution of punishments assure that the course on a humanisation will proceed.