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The Cannes festival the Second innovation for us sad opens new territories

: Russia will not show this time any film in one of programs. If, of course, there will be no surprises that in Kanne happens. Till now our cinema participated if not in the main competition, in the collateral. And almost always we were in the program of student`s works, sometimes taking away the main prizes. VGIK was considered as one of the main film institutes of the world, and our film school based by geniuses of world cinema, is esteemed till now. But already is faster theoretically, than in practice: a cinema which is absent many years in festival orbits, only from time to time reminding of itself let big, but casual successes, ceases to be considered as a cinema, that is the national cultural phenomenon. It especially sadly to ascertain against powerful expansion of new cinematographies of almost all continents.

Why we have not got on festival? First of all the competition grows. With video development - and digital technologies film production any more so is connected with the big film studios and now is accessible to any talented person. About it expressively tell figures. As the permanent head of Cannes festival Zhil Zhakob tells, number of the films applying for participation in its programs, this year has grown already for 16,2 percent: the selection commission has looked at 1540 game tapes from 97 countries of the world. For comparison: in 2003 of the declared films was 908, and in 2000 - m - 681. Growth for 126 percent for five years - such was not for all history of cinema. Another matter that quantity as practice of recent festivals has shown, not only does not guarantee quality, but is sick on it beats more often: professional level of cinema, admittedly, has considerably fallen in comparison with it gold at times, when titans of it then still young art created.

And nevertheless however criteria festival otborshchikov, selection of pictures here rigid were disputable: from all crowd on the Cannes screens 53 films from 28 countries will get only. From them 50 - world prime ministers. 20 pictures participate in the main competition from 13 countries, on one more than last year.

Cannes likes to show new sensations and to form new fashions. It it has opened Mohsena Mahmalbafa and with it the Iranian cinema, it it suited magnificent piarovskuju the action Larsa a background of Trieru from it dogma . It builds an intricate plot of relations with Hollywood which dislikes but without which cannot. This year, as always, he promises a panorama of the new names, each of them can become the next bomb. 11 debuts, them them one - in the main competition will be shown. Among recruits - Johnny Tu and Van Sjaoshuaj from China, Marko Tulio Jordan from Italy, Hiner Saleem from Iraq, Carlos Rejgadas from Mexico. For the first time Americans Tommy Lee Jones and Robert Rodriguez participate in the Cannes competition with the director`s works.

In Kanne last years the cinema of Asia and the East more and more dominates: only China, Japan, Taiwan participate in competition - 2005 and Shri - Lanka. It is remarkable that in these countries successfully develops not only author`s, but also mass cinema - their presence not only at festivals, but also in the big hire of the western countries became already norm.

Cannes alters also the cinema atlas of Europe - the countries which less all connects with motion picture arts, suddenly became more active and began to offer pictures, worthy to enter into the Cannes competitions: Romania, Iceland. Comes back to festival orbits and long silent Hungary.

If last year Cannes has passed under the slogan all flowers " Let blossom; showing near to arthouse tapes especially commercial now it does an emphasis on an art film. It is that, for example, the City of sins Robert Rodriguez who is removed with Quentin Tarantino`s director`s help. It is that the Choice - Johnny Tu`s debut film which has tried to bring art film stylistics in a traditional Hong Kong detective. Further away to leave from the Hollywood aesthetics promises in the new picture Last days the author the Elephant Gas Van Sent. As a prototype of the hero the leader of group has served in this picture the Nirvana Kurt Cobain. In the violence Stories David Kronenberg wants to show that children growing in the world of cruelty, will inevitably multiply this cruelty year from a year and from generation to generation.

just constructed cinema " becomes the Novelty of this festival; World cinema which has taken place in territory of International village - a tent camp of cinema firms that near to the Palace of festivals. In it will daily represent the art one of seven countries which have been selected by a principle of the greatest originality and creative activity. Morocco, Austria, Southern Africa, Shri have got to their number - Lanka, Peru, Mexico and Philippines. Formation of each program is entirely entrusted the country - benefitsiantke. So, according to authors of idea, there is evident a difference of potentials between official selection of festival and a cinema reality of this or that country.

this Example once again reminds: in the world imitation the Hollywood models, and national originality is appreciated not. Today already American cinema tries to come nearer to Chinese, rather the reverse: we will remember at least the same Tarantino`s experience which has added to the arsenal receptions of the Hong Kong insurgents. So our attempts to surprise the world almost present computer cinema of type Night watch Or even by colour adventures of Fandorinyh are initially doomed to position of modest house pleasures. In it the second and main reason of failures pursuing our cinema: Yemen and the republic of South Africa know, than to please Cannes and the world, and Russia - already is not present.

I feel as the commander of an army, - the president of present Cannes jury Emir Kusturitsa has declared. - I will make everything that the jury could express freely the opinion and cinema vision. We will attentively look films and to judge them so freely and independently as it only is possible. Cinema - collective art, and it assumes cooperation . It is a pity that we should watch a drama of the Cannes competition and work of its jury from positions of detached onlookers - to be ill this time there is nobody.

Reportings from the Cannes festival read in the nearest numbers.