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Chineses have convicted of industrial espionage

In France under suspicion of special services the citizen of China, 22 - Whether summer Lihuan has got. It passed training in the company Valeo making the equipment for cars. According to the French mass-media, the girl has drawn attention that spent too much time behind the computers belonging to the company. Also showed interest to an enterprise database even then when it did not enter into its direct duties.

At a search the police has found some computers in which the classified information contained in apartment Lihuan. A management Valeo it has been extremely disappointed. In the name of the young Chinese woman who are excellent knowing German, Spanish, English, French and Arabian languages, and also professionally understanding the mathematician and the physicist, Valeo saw the perspective worker. According to heads of the company, Lihuan has cracked computer system of protection of a database and has copied the classified information on the newest models of cars of large manufacturers.

Similar scandal with participation of citizens of China has inflamed in the USA. The American company Dzheneral Motors has brought an action against the Chinese colleagues from Shanghai Avtomotiv Industris Korporejshen for copying of design of the car. Similarity of the American and Chinese cars is so great that a number of details can be used in both models.

In Sweden the citizen of China suspect of scientific espionage. The security police of this country considers that the Chinese scientist has taken out to Beijing scientific materials from Karolinsky medical institute. According to the representative of the Swedish police after that scandal many Chinese researchers have got under special supervision of the authorities.