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Sergey Lavrov about results of the summit Russia - EU

approval " became the summit Main output; road maps on four general spaces of cooperation Russia - EU (in the field of economy; freedom, safety, justice; external safety; sciences, formations and cultures). Thus, the purpose put two years ago at the summit of the Russian Federation - EU in St.-Petersburg is reached.

Documents are rather volume (in Russian version 64 of page). They cover in details all aspects of our relations - since interaction questions in the international questions and finishing contacts between youth.

Actually we have in common spent inventory of our relations which frameworks Partnership and Cooperation Agreements (Union of Right Forces) Russia - EU for a long time already became close. It it is no wonder: Union of Right Forces prepared in the beginning 90 - h years when relations between new democratic Russia both the European communities and their member states only started to develop.

Certainly, road maps not the way end, and has more likely begun a new stage of the further strengthening of dialogue Russia - EU.

the Common Economic Space covers a wide range of questions of interaction in areas trading - economic, telecommunications, transport, power, space, environment.

In it the wide set of the measures encouraging the further development of trade, creation of favorable conditions for investments, industrial and other cooperation is provided.

In space of freedom, safety and justice one of key elements - cooperation on counteraction to terrorism, the organised crime, money-laundering, a drug trafficking and other kinds of illegal activity.

the Big place in the document is given joint actions on principle observance nediskriminatsii, including counteraction to any forms of intolerance and racism, respect of human rights.

the Important place is given to questions of simplification of movement and contacts between people. Is agreed to make active dialogue about introduction of a visa-free regime as a long-term objective, and at the given stage - to finish parallel work on the agreement on simplification of visa procedures and the agreement about readmissii.

Thus from EU the understanding of has been shown that the Russian side cannot go on the conclusion with the agreement European Union about readmissii citizens of the third countries without clearly expressed consent of these countries. Obviously also, as the European Union has a possibility of acceleration of work on signing readmissionnyh agreements with other states, first of all our neighbours that would give the chance to it to return directly there illegal migrants, passing the Russian territory. In forthcoming work it is necessary to pay attention and to such aspect, as necessity of the account of obligations of Russia and EU under the international conventions in the field of human rights. Any future arrangements on readmissii should not conflict to the specified obligations.

the Space of external safety provides that Russia and EU start with joint responsibility for maintenance of the international order, the world and safety. In this to a road map The great attention is given to our joint approaches in dialogue and cooperation on international scene in such directions, as fight against terrorism, non-distribution of weapons of mass destruction, cooperation in the field of crisis regulation, extreme civil planning.

In a card the philosophy of our approach to cooperation with neighbours of Russia and EU is fixed. Clearly: what we wrote down in documents, Russia, EC will not refuse own tools of interaction with them. Here it is necessary to be realists. But it is necessary to make so that the prize for one did not turn around loss for another. Our general from EU a problem we see in that the actions not to put these countries in a choice position - to be either with Russia, or from EU. On the practical level such joint policy should lean against a recognition of that integration processes in the east and the West equally promote formation of the big Europe without dividing lines. We recognise that these integration processes are quite compatible. Are satisfied by that this philosophy has found the reflexion in the document text.

From cooperation Russia - EU on space of scientific researches and formations, including cultural aspects, our citizens can feel real return first of all. Interaction in this area is in many respects focused on youth and consequently possesses the big strategic potential. This card covers such spheres, as scientific researches, a science and technologies, formation and culture.

At the summit the course of realisation of the arrangements fixed in the joint statement Russia - EU from April, 27th, 2004 also is considered. In it EU obligations on maintenance of freedom of the Kaliningrad transit, and also on maintenance of the rights of national minorities are fixed. If on transit it is available quite good progress (in particular, it is co-ordinated creation of the mechanism of the Russian Federation - EU for the decision of remaining problems in addition to dialogue between Russia and Lithuania), on problems of the Russian-speaking population in Latvia and Estonia appreciable changes to the best in business of performance of recommendations of the international organisations are not present. And about it too there was a speech at the summit on May, 10th.

Certainly, to someone road maps can seem insufficiently ambitious and concrete. Probably, it so. Russia, for example, was ready to go much further in joint fight against terrorism with the European Union and the narcotraffic, in simplification of contacts between people, in cooperation in the field of agriculture and veterinary science, in development of mechanisms of joint reaction to crises and emergency situations. But it is necessary to consider that it was necessary for European Union to co-ordinate road maps with all 25 member states. And at them not at all identical vision of questions of interaction with Russia. However and that is co-ordinated within the limits of four road maps it is rather exacting agenda which deduces our relations from EU far for frameworks of present Union of Right Forces. The parties have agreed that it is time to think about new, more advanced contract - legal base of our going deep partnership.

In a word, now it is important not to stop on reached and to provide effective performance and qualitative monitoring of realisation accepted road maps . We have suggested our partners to carry out from the European Union such activity on the basis of more intensive involvement of available mechanisms of interaction, first of all Constant council of partnership Russia - EU.