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Skvortsova: Ministry of Health will finish the antitobacco law in short terms

to Finish and again to direct to the government the sensational antitobacco bill Ministry of Health intends in the short terms. Veronica Skvortsova has informed on it again appointed Minister of Health.

Russia has signed protivotabachnuju the convention, and we are obliged to bring our legislation into accord with the international norms,   - Veronica Skvortsova has underlined.   - All over the world decisions on the measures limiting smoking and sale of tobacco, encounter powerful resistance of a tobacco lobby. Nevertheless our law should be a mould of norms of the Convention   - we cannot exclude any sections, something to pass. In particular, when say that the bill strikes at the rights of small and average tobacco business   is at all to us. We for that this business it became in the long term simple not . Special problems with the bill the new minister does not see. As she said, it needs technical completion as it was brought on the eve of reorganisation of the government and has not been co-ordinated with some departments. now we will quickly spend all conciliation procedures and we will bring again   - Veronica Skvortsova has concluded.

the Minister has informed that again created Ministry of Health will continue all basic directions developed reorganizuemym now Minzdravsotsrazvitija.

one of the most important problems which should be solved (anyway, the minister named this point the very first),   - there is a formation of the global preventive environment in Russia.

the Approach, by words Skvortsovoj, will be complex. we specially develop this question on a joint with other federal ministries,   - chapter of a Ministry of Health has told.   - education of a habit to a healthy way of life   - In this direction we will co-operate with Minobrnauki, with Minkomsvjazju   - from the point of view of information distribution through mass-media, with the Ministry of Agriculture   - from the point of view of quality of foodstuff, with minsporta   - from the point of view of development of conditions for employment by physical culture and sports .

Ministry of Health will co-ordinate all this work and, besides, will oblige to be reconstructed doctors of a primary link. medical preventive maintenance becomes a kernel of all preventive work. Not less than 30 percent of working hours of doctors in polyclinics it should be given to preventive work with patients   - has set the task the minister.

Besides, she has informed that the ministry has already started to work over Strategy of the medicinal maintenance introduction of system of medicinal insurance becomes which key element. It is a question of that at first to separate groups (for example, to pensioners, and also sick of some kinds of chronic diseases, in particular, it is warm - vascular) the part of cost of the medicines appointed at out-patient treatment will be compensated. Further the patients having the right to the medicinal insurance, becomes more. In the long term Russia should come to the same system which works in all developed countries when the basic preparations necessary for treatment, sick receive free of charge or pay partially.

However, how much zatratnoj there will be this system, precisely it is not known yet. But already today physicians try to count the medicinal program together with mathematicians.

Medicinal insurance can be entered into Russia not earlier than 2016   - has assumed Skvortsova. The matter is that only by 2015 transfer of our public health services into work under the full tariff (when the obligatory medical insurance can defray all expenses on treatment completely, instead of partially, as now) is planned. But in 2014 it is planned to start to fulfil different models of medicinal insurance as pilot projects in several regions of the country.

Will proceed, according to the new minister, and public health services upgrade. It is necessary to analyse, the technical potential of medical institutions in regions is how much already updated, to make audit of shots, to reconsider final fund. extreme reduction of hospital cots will not be,   - has commented on Skvortsova.   - But there where probably, we will develop statsionarzameshchajushchie technologies of treatment to develop it is private - the state partnership. Work of general practitioners, formation diagnostiko - consultation centres should add work of usual polyclinics and hospitals .

the weakest link in our public health services the minister named problems with shots. By its estimation, to 30 percent of graduates of medical HIGH SCHOOLS does not come to branch. Doctors very difficultly to entice to work on village, in small cities. we have already offered a number of material and social stimulus, in particular payment of 1 million roubles elevating for the young experts moving for work in countryside, but it is obviously not enough of it,   - considers Skvortsova.   - Together with Minobrnauki we develop the scheme of target contract reception for study. When the most prepared graduates of rural schools will select for study, and after its termination the young doctor will come back home already in new quality   - also will be obliged to fulfil there not less than three years .

to Learn the future doctors already in the nearest future too will begin on - new. Skvortsova has told that the group of experts is engaged in studying of technology of preparation of doctors of different profiles at the most prestigious universities   - Cambridge, Harward, Sorbonne.

rather ambitious problem   Is put; - to achieve, that education of the Russian doctors (at least, in our leading medical HIGH SCHOOLS) corresponded to the international level. Similar changes are expected and in poslevuzovskom education.

We plan introduction of accreditation of medical workers is there will be an admission to the concrete kinds of the help specified in individual sheet, - Veronica Skvortsova has explained. - the List of admissions can extend during all career of the doctor. But for this purpose it will be necessary to be learnt and confirm qualification. In public - any experiments . In due course in accreditation the Medical guild - professional association begins to be engaged. Colleagues, consider in a Ministry of Health, can is better to confirm level of professionalism of the concrete doctor receiving accreditation. at first this process will pass under ministry control, but further functions of self-regulation become wider - has concluded Skvortsova.