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The site opens a heading Three books of an island.

it is frequent, having read the book on any subject, it would be desirable to read one more. About the same - but another. But their authors hold often opposite opinion. So take third - to understand, who from them the rights. And then you understand: stop, is more about it I do not want to read. Also you take the book about something absolutely another. At first one, then still … in general, you have understood.

Books can be art, and can - are not present; it is possible to find at once three successively, and it is possible to search months and even for years … the people who have Written them, can, and do not know about existence each other - and in your head they have already developed on an unseparable Trinity.

the Electronic version begins a new heading Three books about … which offers the books written at various times and different people, collected together is exclusive on a whim of its author.

Three books about St.-Petersburg

1 Sergey Nosov. Secret life of the Petersburg monuments. SPb.: Limbus - the Press, 2009.

Sergey Nosov - the brilliant stylist, the fashionable postmodernist and very Petersburg writer. secret life of the Petersburg monuments - the book which could be written and published only in St.-Petersburg. You will find the full list in it … to anybody unknown, but the extremely amusing Petersburg monuments and busts. With full history of creation, and also life not only the hero and the architect, but all who the monument reserved, cast, erected, rearranged, dethroned and at it looked.

Mendeleyev on Moskovsky prospectus, 19; Kirov in territory of the Leningrad meat-packing plant; Dog of Pavlova in a court yard of All-Union institute of experimental medicine … And about all - very in detail and personally:

the Monument to Tchkalov was will erect on a boundary of the eightieth - the ninetieth, without the permission of the authorities and any coordination - is exclusive at will of the sculptor - Jaguba Alibabaevicha Imranova, whose workshop was in fifteen metres from here < … > Simply Imranov has driven once MAZ with the elevating crane. On Tchkalov have hooked for a hook which is sticking out of a head, and further a trick … ( Tchkalov - on - a pipe ) .

Is not present in a city of other monument which would be so it is strongly connected with a place where it costs. Speech at all that there is it in territory of Obuhovsky hospital < … > and about a tiny plot of land, a monument designated < … > it is made so that it did not see. Here it in accuracy: Here stood pokojnitskaja where N.I.Pirogov on raspilah the frozen corpses created the atlas of topographical anatomy ” ( Pies on a place mertvetskoj ) .

Here such rare data, obtained the author whether from city legends, whether from the literature of regional studies which so was loved by the hero of its novel Rooks have departed Boris Petrovich Chibirev. At the book one serious lack: if you not that that badly know St.-Petersburg, but do not stand at each of the above-named monuments - neither humour, nor historical data do not estimate, will start missing also the book will close. Here such Peterburgovedenie.

2 Olga Lukas. porebrik from bordjurnogo a stone. SPb.: comme il faut, 2010.

Olga Lukas. New porebrik from bordjurnogo a stone. SPb.: comme il faut, 2011.

Born in Leningrad, living in Moscow the prose writer, piarshchitsa and simply beauty Olga Lukas has written, and minchanka Natalia Povaljaeva has drawn - two surprisingly ridiculous books. About Pitertsa and the Muscovite - as them to distinguish and as with them to be converted. And also the climate and culture of life in two capitals, meal and a diet, envy and meaning of the life, the relation to loonies and signs how to offend the Muscovite and pitertsa and it is a lot of - many other things …

Friday, evening is such surprising time when the Muscovite cannot be distinguished from pitertsa and on the contrary. They will get drunk, happened, before self-identification loss: the Muscovite will lose ear-phones and points, piterets - a cane and the cylinder. But with the twelfth blow of hours each of them will fall the person in the salad. The Muscovite - in tsezar with a chicken in a round-the-clock snack bar on Shodnensky, piterets - in a herring under a fur coat ” on the Citizen. So at daybreak them also distinguish from each other. If suhariki in eyebrows have got stuck, the Muscovite means. If a beet to cheeks has stuck - piterets .

it is witty, exact and madly ridiculous. Especially, if you piterets in capital or to the contrary. But at observance of two indispensable conditions - readiness for self-irony and extreme neobidchivosti.

3 Paul Krusanov. A raven white. History of live beings. M: eksmo, Dominoes, 2012.

Paul Krusanov - one of those prose writers which create the Petersburg text ., Actually, it is a little of them - the Present Petersburg Prose writers. About seven. As heroes new krusanovskogo the novel:

nestor - letopisets our flight < … > Brahman - the sacrificer < … > the Prince - the leader < … > the Fisherman, Odihmanty and Mother - the Alder - too members of our flight. Well, and I am a Gusla player. In total - seven. Brahman said that according to Velesovoj of numerology this good number < … > Combine us together, we with the worthiness extinguishing separate insignificant lacks, would be, perhaps, perfect organism. Such steady, invincible chimera … As seven fingers on one hand - try present such disgrace. Especially clenched in a fist. < … > Totemom our flight there was a white raven .

it is not enough to tell that each hero has a prototype - the rumour says that to last Krusanov described heroes under their real names, and to a novel exit Petersburg writers panicked: by what they will be taken out on history court. But the novel left - and the informed reader should solve the most fascinating charade who is who. Seven heroes at first gather on Petersburg apartments and baths and argue on destinies of Russia, and after go to hunt on a terrible Yellow Beast, which has come to exterminate Russia...

it is not assured that the novel will use huge reader`s popularity the nearest couple of years - but destiny the Mad ship to it it is prepared: years through hundred on to the Raven white Will write dissertations about life of writers of the beginning of the XXI-st century.