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TV - the review: Anniversary of the writer Andrey Bitova and new Factory of stars

the Main prime ministers of week: Leonid Parfyonov`s documentary film about the Pushkin museum, anniversary of writer Andrey Bitova, the prime minister of a feature film Siberia. Monamur and ceremony translation TEFI .

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To 100 - letiju the State museum of Fine Arts of a name of A.S.Pushkin Leonid Parfyonov has prepared a film the Eye God`s which will show the First channel on May, 31st in 22. On June, 30th and 1 in 23. 00.

- By nature at Russian on beauty the sight European, - is told by Parfyonov. - Ivan Tsvetaev, popovsky the son from village in the Vladimirskiy province, has based present Museum of Fine Arts, complaining: Unfortunate we the country! At us the antiquity is not present! That the following ivany from villages knew that we too from the European cultural root, Tsvetaev has collected the richest collection of moulds from Ancient Athenes to the Florentine Renaissance. And merchant sons Ivan Morozov and Sergey Schukin have appeared the first judges of avant-guard - from them at us Gauguin`s magnificent meetings, Matisse, Cezanne, Picasso. About them, about this tradition and how it survived at the time of persecutions - our film.

Cinemas removed with use of computer technology revival known pictures and combination of the images created by artists, with the real nature which has excited them for work. Besides, historical events will be presented in style to dock - fikshn thanks to actors.

Together with Leonid Parfyonov over a film worked Oleg Tabakov, Vladimir Etush, Igor Kvasha, Vladimir Pozner, Peter Nalich, Vladimir Zajtsev, Sergey Vasilev, Evgenie Mironov, Michael Efremov and others. Oleg Tabakov has played Ivan Tsvetaeva, and Evgenie Mironov - Nikolay II. Well and in Pablo Picasso`s role Vladimir Pozner will act.

Who on TEFI ?

on May, 29th at musical Theatre will award winners of the National television award TEFI - 2011 . The first channel will show, who has defeated, in 00. 00.

competition TEFI - 2011 it is spent in 17 - j time. The award TEFI - 2011 it is awarded on 50 nominations, among manufacturers of television programs - the producer centres, studios, associations, movie companies, TV channels. The works which for the first time have gone on the air in territory of Russia from June, 01st, till August, 31st, 2011 participate in competition.

Factory of stars on two countries

on June, 1st in 21. 30 on the First channel starts sparring - a match between Russian and Ukrainian manufacturers in musical show Factory of stars Russia - Ukraine .

Line-ups: Dmitry Koldun, Polina Gagarin, Vlad Sokolovsky, the Joker and Victoria Dajneko (Russia), DiO films Max Barsky, Eric, Eve Bushmina and Stas Shurins (Ukraine).

60 years in a crown

on June, 2nd in 18. 15 on the First channel - a documentary film of Bi - bi - si the Queen devoted 60 - letiju accessions to the throne of the queen of Great Britain Elizabeth II.

one of the longest reigns in the British history on February, 6th, 1952 has begun. The basic celebrations on the occasion of an anniversary will pass in London 2 - on June, 5th, 2012.

the Documentary film tells about the childhood and Elizabeth II youth, is unexpected for itself become queen in 25 years, about most major landmarks of its long reign, how it was possible not only to save to it, but also to modernise the monarchy which has had during its board not one crisis.

the Queen did much for the first time : for the first time has allowed to spend television translation of ceremony of crowning, for the first time has opened doors of the Buckingham palace for tourists, for the first time began to invite to lunches of known scientists and culture, in day of commemorating of gold anniversary of the crowning for the first time has allowed to spend in the Buckingham palace of bottoms - a concert. In a film cinema materials - and the photochronicles which have embodied the queen and its nearest environment are used. Many plots are shown for the first time.

Edward Topolja`s Producer debut

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on June, 3rd in 17. 20 on the First channel a premiere of the film under Edward Topolja`s scenario On the brink I stand . Leading roles have played Arthur Smoljaninov and Marat Basharov. Business occurs on the Afghani border where young frontier guard Andrey should not only protect the Native land, but also the narcotraffic to stop.

Edward Topol, the author of the international best sellers Red Square the Journalist for Brezhnev Another`s person in this film history not only the author of the scenario, but also the producer, and sorezhisser.

- the scenario has been written quickly enough - for couple of months, - he tells. - it is possible, because in its basis original events and the facts have laid down. And, when I scripted, precisely knew that Arthur Smoljaninov should play the protagonist, and heroine Sveta Ustinova - I simply saw them before the eyes.

To be the film producer it has appeared difficult. To collect administratively - the creative command, to overcome bureaucratic and organizational obstacles on the way to Uzbekistan where took place shootings, to take out there more than forty persons of a film crew and some tons of lighting technics, to construct in mounts of scenery and for forty film-making days, under the scorching July sun, on 60 - gradusnoj to heat to shoot all film is, I will report on you, one more novel with not less intense plot. I have endured emigration, began life with zero three times, have written 25 novels and ten film scripts, but such nervous tension and such everyday violent fighting for the life and for life of the project at me was never.

From Siberia with love

on June, 3rd in 23. 00 on the channel Russia 1 - a telepremiere of the film of director Vyacheslav Rossa Siberia. Monamur . A picture - the prize-winner of a film festival Spirit of fire in Hunts - Mansijske, festival the Window to Europe In Vyborg, the Roman independent film festival and more many and many film reviews. The history occurs in village, in a taiga, in Siberia where in the drama image destinies intertwine. The old man and the boy, the husband and the wife which raise three daughters, and this only thing that still connects them, and the past two Caucasian wars of the captain.

In roles: Peter Zajchenko, Michael Protsko, Nikolay Kozak, Maryanna Schultz, Sergey Novikov.

Drunk against Khruschev

on June, 2nd in 21. 00 on NTV - spetsproekt Gleb Pjanyh the Bullet - the silly woman in focus - tragical events of Khruschev`s thaw.

on June, 2nd, 1962 - 50 years ago - in Novocherkassk armies have opened fire on workers of factory, which have come on a city main square to make the protest against sharp rise in prices for the basic foodstuff.

25 persons According to official figures were lost. A leah but so was actually? a consequence Gleb Pjanyh who asserts conducts that victims was much more and reconstructs demonstration execution.

Vladimir Grammatikov In movement

on June, 3rd in 10. 15 on TV the Center - a documentary film In movement devoted to film director Vladimir Grammatikovu to whom 70 years are executed. Those who well knows the director, are surprised to its vigour and youthful outlook on life. children`s director Grammatikov, the author of pictures Moustached nurses There was a dog on a grand piano the Small princess And today dialogue continues to carry on with young generation.

the film included shootings on a summer residence, behind a Sunday dinner, in dialogue with sons - known film director Egor, lawyer Nikolay and the grandsons one of which, Nikita, too is going to continue a director`s dynasty of Grammatikovyh.

75 on Bitovu

the Photo: Arcady kolybalov

75 - letie celebrates on May, 27th writer Andrey Bitov. TV channel Culture will show the program the Dual personality, or Between two capitals of Empire devoted Bitovu (on May, 28th, 21. 30).

the Writer will tell about how creates the products; about life, will remember, what it was many years ago.

Andrey Bitov has ended Sankt - the Petersburg College of mines. According to the writer, he studied badly, in zachetke always there were two which to it then hardly managed to be corrected on three: I already then wrote, and study me interested a little. I was the young climber enamoured of mounts . It has ended institute only for the sake of mum who considered that all in a family should have higher education.

And here novels at Bitova are born easily as though they always soared where - that in air: Everything that is written, written by me spontaneously, instantly, without editing, a volley. And all these legends that I work over a word much, are invented only by my ill-wishers. If I work over a word I work where - that in myself. The core - to call in itself pressure of the integral text that all words seemed connected with each other. The text is a communication of each word with everyone. However not all so simply and air. It is necessary to press literally itself that energy has gone a beam only to this text and anywhere more .

Shurik did not joke

on June, 3rd on to Culture mark 75 years from the date of a birth of actor Alexander Demjanenko. In memory of the actor on air of TV channel - the program Legends of world cinema. Alexander Demjanenko (11. 45) and a feature film Adult children (10. 35).

Many know the well-known hero of films Leonid Gajdaja - Shurika. But what was life of the executor of this role known all over the country - Alexander Demjanenko?

Demjanenko said time and again that is weighed upon the popularity. All life he tried to come off from an image the four-eyes . Even has played German unter - officer Runge in a film While front in defence . The actor has literally seized this role: two months persistently was engaged in German language, and all phrases has learnt by heart. And directors were afraid to take for work SHurika supposedly this role of Demjanenko never to leave.

After any time Alexander Sergeevich admitted that began to remind itself the diver from a springboard which in 10 years saw before itself ocean, in 20 - lake, in 40 - pool, and after - a water glass … the thin.

Lessons for adults

How to find for the child suitable school how to prepare for receipt in a grammar school, and what educational institution to choose? Since May, 28th, on weekdays, TV channel Culture spends the Lesson for adults . In this heading - a premiere of a documentary film I Search for the teacher (28 - on May, 31st, 22. 55) and feature films And if it is love? draw dear Elena Sergeevna Hundred days after the childhood the Stuffed animal (on May, 28th - on June, 1st, 0. 00).

the Documentary film I Search for the teacher the entire account about author`s schools - the Class - the centre Sergey Kazarnovsky, to School Jamburga Piously - Aleksievsky wilderness of father Peter (Vasilenko), lycee Tekos Michael Schetinin, school - Vladimir Garmasha`s laboratory, Shatalov`s school and many other unique educational institutions.

Authors of a film have visited these schools, have talked to teachers who try to create balance between traditional education and innovative. Probably, such teleacquaintance to progressive educational institutions, an original open day, will help parents to make a correct choice together with children.

the Conjurer and the journalist have moved in detectives

On House - a detective serial of the British manufacture - Dzhonatan Shout (since May, 28th in 21. 00). Protagonists - the conjurer and its girlfriend - the journalist - investigate the extremely confused criminal incidents. And this couple will not concede in originality and a creative to Holmes and Watson.

Dzhonatan Shout possesses unique abilities. Its reason calls admiration and inspires fear. Well and partner Medelin - not simply detective the fan. The faster they with Dzhonatanom will untangle business, the earlier the new sensational material will go to the press.

the Serial is removed in 1997 - m to year, roles have played: Alan Dejvis, Kerolajn Quentin, Stewart Milligan and others.