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Rosstat: the Russian should save For the specification of habitation from 13 till 20 years

Twenty years it is necessary to save money to the average Russian for purchase of 18 square metres of habitation in Moscow and 13 years - in other region of the country. Thus the population does not consider housing problem of the sharpest. Much more strongly people are stirred with a road condition and alcoholism distribution.

Rosstat for the first time for last 20 years has spent sotsopros the population in which has tried to find out opinion of people on the most different spheres of life - roads, criminality, public health services. Yesterday the head of department Alexander Surinov presented a part of results of the research, devoted to a housing question and a municipal services. But at first it has shown a rating problems in settlements where there lived respondents.

And as it was already mentioned, the unconditional winner a rating steels a road condition and security of traffic - In it have specified 60,2 percent of the interrogated. Alcoholism distribution - 47 percent, bad work housing - public utilities - 40,5 percent further follows. And after them - a narcotism, the big remoteness of objects for playing sports, culture establishments, inaccessibility of the state medical services, vandalism. Closes the list the big remoteness of shops - 9,5 percent of respondents have complained of it.

If to return to a habitation subject supernumeraries have considered by results of poll that srednedushevye incomes of people make across Russia 20,7 thousand roubles (here enters not only the salary, but also all other kinds have arrived), in Moscow - 46,3 thousand, in St.-Petersburg - 26,3 thousand. Thus the price of square metre of habitation in the primary market costs on the average across Russia 43,6 thousand roubles, in Moscow - 129,5 thousand, in St.-Petersburg - 78,8 thousand. The secondary market is more expensive - 48,2 thousand roubles, 163,2 thousand and 87,3 thousand for square metre accordingly. Further researchers have considered that approximately 70 percent of the income leave for consumer needs - meal, clothes, housing and communal services, transport and other, and the remained sum can be postponed for habitation. The specification - 18 square metres on the person. Here also it has turned out what to save for them it is necessary almost to half-life. However, 70 percent from number of the interrogated do not test constraint of residing. This problem face most often large families.