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The definitive structure of English national team on the European championship

Roj Hodzhson is declared has announced definitive structure of English national team in the European championship - 2012. Into the total list have entered the forward Manchester United Denni Uelbek and the defender Liverpool Glenn Johnson which participation in Euro - 2012 remains in doubt. Uelbek it was restored after an ankle trauma, and Johnson was treated for a thumb infection.

And here Garet Berri from - for got traumas cannot help recently partners. Havbeka Manchester of City in English national team the defender " will replace; an Everton Fil Dzhagelka.

Goalkeepers: Robert Green ( Vest Hem ), Joe Heart ( Manchester of City ), Jack Batland ( Birmingham ).

defenders: Leyton Bejns, Fil Dzhagelka (both is an Everton ) Ashes of Kejhill, Eshli Cole, John Terri (all - Chelsea ), Glenn Johnson ( Liverpool ), Fil Johns ( Manchester United ), Dzholeon Leskott ( Manchester of City ).

halfbacks: James Milner ( Manchester of City ), Stephen Dzherrard, Stewart Dauning (both is Liverpool ), Frenk Lempard ( Chelsea ), Scott Parker ( Tottenham ), Alex Okslejd - Chamberlain, Teo Walcott (both is the Arsenal ), Eshli Young ( Manchester United ).

attacking: Andy Carroll ( Liverpool ), Wayne Runi, Denni Uelbek (both is Manchester United ), Dzhermejn Defoe ( Tottenham ).