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ASYAS has suggested to create the commission for realisation control road maps

On VIII business - a forum the National enterprise initiative: business - KPI for the government the agency head of strategic initiatives Andrey Nikitin has suggested to create the commission at the president for realisation control road maps on improvement of an investment climate in the Russian Federation. The operating committee in the form of the commission at the president should be created, and ASYAS will act in a role of a communication platform, Nikitin has declared. In its opinion, the committee can gather time in 2 - 3 months. I consider that for effective realisation road maps key factors of success are:

the design approach, publicity in an estimation of a course of realisation road maps and acceptance of the executed actions by enterprise community, - has told RBG Andrey Nikitin. - If the first factor lies in a management plane the second and third factors are by and large the public control form .

to Understand that volume of work which is necessary to the ministries and departments - to executives - during realisation road maps in the nearest some years will help figures: the first maps include 162 actions and achievement of 265 key indicators. but it is impossible to watch each step of the executor, it is equal as the highest degree of detailed elaboration can lead to washing out of focus and control loss. For the decision of this problem it is offered to choose check points, only 70 for first four maps. On them depend 80 - 90 % of the end results. Will supervise passage of 70 points much more effectively. And by means of public control we can achieve realisation of maps with a minimum of deviations - Andrey Nikitin has underlined.