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Rosatom will participate in building of one more block of the Bushersky atomic power station

Rosatom conducts preliminary consultations concerning building of one more block of the Bushersky atomic power station, Nikolay Spassky has informed journalists zamglavy corporations.

If such building is not forbidden and if it is favourable, if the project - yes turns out, we are ready - has declared Spassky. He has added that in the statement of a question anything new is not present.

sanktsionnymi resolutions of Security Council it is authorised, - it has reminded. - preliminary consultations on this subject are . According to Spassky that the contract has taken place, variety of factors should converge.

First of all, the economic project should turn out, there should be an economic feasibility, - the representative of Rosatom has underlined. - while there is nothing absolutely . As on Sunday the head of the Organization on atomic energy of Iran has informed Ferejdun Abbasi Davani, Teheran plans to begin a construction of the second power unit of the Bushersky atomic power station next year.

next year Iran will start a construction in Bushere the second power unit capacity of 1000 megawatt - Abbasi Davani has told.