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Baku has presented the trumps in struggle for Olympic Games acceptance - 2020

to One of the focal points of the General assembly which has taken place recently in Moscow of Association of National Olympic Committees (ANKAS) became presentation of cities - applicants for the organisation of Games - 2020. The delegation led by the president of Fund of Heydar Aliyev, the first lady of Azerbaijan Mehriban Alievoj has presented the demand of Baku which has received rather benevolent responses from experts and participants of session.

Mehriban Aliev has assured bosses of world Olympic movement that the capital of Azerbaijan is going suit the present feast of sports: We want, that Baku became the general house. The past of our country and our city can generate the good future. The Olympic Games - not only investments into sports, a standard of living and public health services, it also ability to carry out action of world level. I can give you a guarantee at presidential, state level that if to us honour to organise Game will drop out, they will be spent at the highest level .

Baku not the first year is positioned as one of the world centres of sports. Large competitions pass here with an enviable regularity, at high sports and organizational level. Therefore application for the right of carrying out of the Olympic Games - 2020 became quite logical step which can deduce and without that the high sports status of the country on new level.

For Baku it is the second attempt to receive Game, and it must be said, that were prepared for it thoroughly enough. In the application book Baku - 2020 presented to the International Olympic committee, all plan of preparation for Games, including building of sports objects, the schedule of their input in operation, questions of an infrastructure, security and many other necessary aspects is accurately painted.

At first sight in respect of experience of conducting struggle for the right to receive the Olympic Games of Baku loses to the competitors - to Madrid, Tokyo, to Istanbul, the Fur-coat. However it is not necessary to forget that the IOC tries to spend the main starts chetyrehletija in new regions and the capital of Azerbaijan in this sense has certain advantages. Especially considering the state support to sports that is the important factor. In the various polls spent by the international agencies, chances of Baku are estimated highly enough.

Certainly, it is necessary very many to make adequately to accept the Olympic Games. Baku carefully studies experience of other countries, and not only a sports component, but also the decision of questions of an infrastructure - roads, the airport, traffic intersections and many other things.

In all directions active work on preparation for Games - 2020 without dependence from that has begun, will receive their Baku or not. Eventually the good reserve for promotion of a nominee of a city on carrying out of the following Olympic Games will be created. By the way, many experts tend to that in first half of XXI-st century the Olympic Games in Baku can already become a reality.

Plus of the Azerbaijan demand considers prompt development of the country, on what foreign experts pay attention also. It gives confidence that within the next years Baku will solve all problems connected with the economic party of carrying out of the Olympic Games. In particular, it is provided all Olympic objects to build from zero that in itself it is regarded as the big advantage. As all constructions will correspond to the most strict requirements taking into account tomorrow.

Meanwhile the IOC divides a choice of the capital of the Olympic games into two stages - the so-called period of applicants and candidates. The IOC selects cities from the list of applicants then between them the direct competition for the right to accept Game begins. Certainly, it would be desirable, that Baku has made the way in the second circle of selection, but the number of candidates, as a rule, happens limited.

At present occurrence in shorts - sheet of cities - candidates is for us the main priority - the minister of youth and sports of Azerbaijan has declared Azad Ragimov. As he said, Baku has considerable worthiness, and one of them - a climate. the city climate is ideal for carrying out of sports actions. We have perfect places with is more tremendous a beautiful coastal line. We also are ready to acquaint visitors with rich history of our country. Besides, and it is especially important in financial instability, the economy of Azerbaijan is one of the stablest and fast-growing in the world - A.Ragimov has added.

the project

New sports objects

1. Arena Dalga - it is constructed in 2011 for carrying out of football superiority.

2. The Olympic stadium - multipurpose stadium on sixty five thousand spectators. Opening will take place in 2015.

3. The Shahdagsky mountain-skiing complex - system of mountain-skiing objects for carrying out of mass actions in winter sports.

4. The international centre of gymnastics - will accept the European championship - 2014.

5. A complex for fighters and judoists - base for trainings and performances of a national team of Azerbaijan.

6. The regional volleyball centre - is erected under home nursing of the European confederation of volleyball.

7. Rowing base Kjur - it is considered one of the best in Europe for carrying out of gathering and competitions. Here annually gather bajdarochniki and kanoisty from many countries of the world.