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Yury Grigoriev: Panel houses it is more reliable monolithic

Quarter of the century Yury Grigoriev, the first zamglavnogo the architect of Moscow, creative head MNIITEPa - the institute which has developed the most part of projects of modern houses in Moscow builds up capital. Not gold quarters for new elite, and normal houses for usual Muscovites. What them see Yury Grigoriev in the XXI-st century? He has shared the thoughts with the correspondent.

Yury Pantelejmonovich! Since July, 1st the area of Moscow will extend almost in 2,5 times. How, on - to yours, building of new territories should look?

Yury Grigoriev: the Answer to this question is searched by 10 groups of visible domestic and foreign urbanists. About results of their work to speak while early. Me pleases that the authorities have started talking about low building. After all that now occurs in Moscow suburbs? The person of small cities is destroyed. Take Odintsovo. The city does not differ almost on density and etazhnosti from the Moscow areas. MNIITEPu too recently have suggested to build up a large housing estate in Balashikha with skyscrapers, but we try to convince the customer to lower etazhnost.

And for new territories MNIITEP is already ready to offer something?

Yury Grigoriev: We work over projects of houses not above 4 - 5 floors. On the ground floor in them there will be parking for cars - land, instead of underground at the mad price, very heavy for a usual family. DSK - 1 have convinced to buy the equipment for manufacture of eight colours of a tile for furnish of facades. Now I open a box with colour pencils where at each colour on 8 shades and I show to architects: look, how much colours at the nature! Why at our place all brown, red and dark blue? Colours should be much, but not necessarily bright, eyes will quickly be tired of them. It is better, if will be warm, light tone.

Uvlekshis new territories, architects will not forget about Moscow historical?

Yury Grigoriev : MNIITEPu it does not threaten. We develop new types of social habitation for a city. We aspire, that apartments on comfort did not concede in it to Europe, and at the same time corresponded to the Moscow social specifications.

Speech about next panelkah, I correctly understand?

Yury Grigoriev: Yes, about panel houses. It is not necessary to slight them! They surpass often in quality constructed on individual projects. Panelki gather from the elements made at factory, and monolithic nonprofessionals usually pour. Besides our houses on 30 % are cheaper, and become on power saving up technologies.

And a lay-out? Well, how much apartments can be similar against each other, as in a comedy With easy steam ?

Yury Grigoriev: We have achieved for a long time liquidation 3 - a metre cross-section constructive step, and the basic width of rooms - 3,60 and 4,20. It allows to diversify a lay-out. Look at last projects! Rooms square, the kitchen is not less 8 squares in each apartment - a pantry and the glazed loggia. Minimum odnushka - 36 kvadratoov . Since dvushek there is a guest toilet. Lifts do not adjoin any more apartments and do not disturb tenants noise. The ladder hall is accessible both for koljasochnikov, and to the elderly. The technical floor is obligatory. And it is outwardly beautiful, and the roof never will be chilled, will leak. It is not a shame with such apartments before Muscovites!

And there are areas with which it is a shame to you?

Yury Grigoriev : Alas, is. For example, Novokosino, the part of Northern Butovo adjoining environment... In due time we suggested to make its low but then the shaft corrected ball. However, what to speak about suburbs when in 80 - e years when I only from Minsk have arrived to Moscow, for building Krylatsky sad semnadtsatietazhkami have given the State award. A unique place, with a tremendous relief, the cleanest western winds which could become the main zone of rest and sports for Muscovites. And just now the decision on decrease in density of building is accepted. Now it is possible to diversify and do it more economic and convenient at operation.

Still recently in Moscow expelled on 45 thousand squares on hectare. And now?

Yury Grigoriev: there are more 20 thousand.

shape of a city already affects?

Yury Grigoriev: Still as! Look, for example, at area Perovo. Here wanted all 25 - etazhkami to build up. But we with the main architect have explained that near to historical manor Kuskovo it will lead to death of all landscape. And us have heard, etazhnost have lowered - to 7 - 14. And it, perhaps, for me now the most important that us, architects, hear and to us listen.

By the way

to Yury Pajtelejmonovichu Grigoriev 80 years today are executed! Congratulates him with an anniversary, wishes health, good luck in all and new creative successes!