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Deputies suggest to test officials for drugs

Obligatory testing for drugs there should pass all civil servants, policemen and representatives of the trades connected with risk for life.   it has declared today   at parliamentary hearings on antinarcotic subjects the head of committee of the State Duma of security and counteraction of corruption Irina Jarovaja.  

About importance of a discussed problem says that fact that in it have taken part not only deputies and senators, but also representatives of almost all power departments, of some the ministries and heads   the largest public associations and the student`s unions.

as Leaders of a straight talk Irina Jarovaja and the head of the State Committee for Control Over the Illegal Trafficking of Narcotics and Psychotropic Substances Victor Ivans have acted. They have suggested to take legislatively new measures on struggle against the narcotraffic.

In particular, according to Summer, level   Narcotism distributions says that the measures accepted today by the state and a society in struggle against this harm, are obviously insufficient.   it   has offered     to expand   practice of testing and to make obligatory such procedure, for example,   for   aviadispatchers, pilots, the miners obtaining the permit to the weapon, a driving licence.

It is necessary to tell that similar testing   for a long time already it is practically applied. Another matter, what not everywhere are in earnest about it.   till now with horror remember a case when the aviadispatcher who was on service under a narcotic high has been found out. we should make impossible, - has declared Summer, - even the slightest errors by granting of the special rights, spetsdopuskov .

In military Office of Public Prosecutor can list tens cases of arrests of military men, and not only private soldiers, but also the officers who are on service after the use of drugs. And trading   a nonsense.

As an innovation Summer has suggested to test for drugs of all who arrive on civil service, in law enforcement bodies and CHOPy. And it should concern officials of all ranks.

It is offered also   to make active struggle against narcotic propagation on the Internet.   for this purpose it is necessary to increase not only staff of policemen responsible for it from management To the Ministry of Internal Affairs, but also them   financing.

- the Network became the main supplier of the information on drugs,   - has informed the member of parliament. - search engines give to five thousand links to inquiry drugs and only one percent from them of an antinarcotic orientation,   For the sake of justice, it is necessary to tell that with this problem the narcopolice successfully enough consults.   Victor Ivanov`s department   last year has closed more than one and a half thousand   the Internet - sites where the use of drugs   was propagandised; or possibility to buy them was offered.

Head   narcopolices at parliamentary hearings   has offered   to vest its service   the right temporarily to stop sale of substances with potential narcotic properties before their entering into forbidding lists.   thus he has underlined that is disturbed by annual growth of number of new drugs. only for last year, - Ivanov, -   has told; the world has learnt about more than 40 drugs new kinds. Design drugs, spices, pose special threat. They are thrown by foreign corporations and often fertilizers for plants and household chemical goods mask under salts for baths. Frequently,   Owners of some sites go on cunning and use new narcosubstances for sale, ciphering their names, or extend means which have not got yet to the list forbidden . Ivanov also has offered     to develop the new antinarcotic legislation, naming its Antinarcotic code of the Russian Federation by analogy to the Wood code. After all   the law in force accepted 15 years ago, sorientirovan basically on power methods of the decision of this problem also does not consider a complex socially - the economic reasons. thus, - the main narcopoliceman, -   has underlined; it is necessary to consider all existing scientific experience in this sphere: both Russian, and foreign .

It is offered also   at session of the state antinarcotic commission on June, 20th to create special working group on working out of new system of the antinarcotic legislation.