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The Russian graduates have handed over the first Unified State Examinations

Yesterday the Russian graduates handed over the first Unified State Examinations - on history, biology and computer science. The correspondent as the public observer has gone on examination in history to the Moscow school N1289.

According to preliminary data, in Russia this year in observers have registered more than 13 thousand persons, from them about 3 thousand - in Moscow. I - one of them.

On hours without fifteen ten. Near school of anybody. Graduates for a long time in audiences.

- you where? - The security guard awesomely asks.

I Explain - I go on Unified State Examination. The passport with itself, the certificate of the public observer - too.

On Unified State Examination on stories and biology 84 graduates should come, but 13 were not, so examinations hand over 71 persons from eight nearby schools of Northern administrative district.

- To what audience will go? - The head of point of reception of Unified State Examination Raisa Solomatina is interested.

Under the law the public observer has the right of an audience choice. But to walk about on it during examination, to distract graduates, to do remarks - upasi my God. And if someone writes off, prompts or uses mobile, it is necessary to make a mark in the certificate which stands out to each observer. It Raisa Pavlovna while we choose audience has time to remind all. At last, were defined.

- Good afternoon, it is the public observer! - the head of point of reception of Unified State Examination represents me.

Graduates - another look second with interest. But it is appreciable that by and large to all of them it is equal. Many are nervous.

Organizers have opened a package, have distributed envelopes with tasks, began to show how to fill the registration form. And here errors fell down: someone has mixed number with a school code, someone not there has written a passport series, has put a superfluous zero...

- Where hurry up, my darlings? More attentively, please! - The teacher Ekaterina Sadilova persuades. - If something is not clear - ask!

I look out in the meantime, a leah is not present cribs, mobile phones? No anybody with itself does not have anything superfluous and forbidden.

At ten o`clock 12 minutes graduates have started to carry out of the task and have rustled with leaves.

- How to write Ivan the fourth? I mean figure, - the nice girl has raised a hand.

is I to you I can not tell, all is explained in KIMah, - Ekaterina Sadilova has strictly noticed.

Near to me the schoolgirl 11 - go a class 227 - j schools Xenia Kudrjakova (so it is written on its admission on Unified State Examination) sits. The girl confidently scribbles something minute handwriting.

Tasks of a part And - simple, for example, such: who was the founder of a dynasty of the Moscow princes? And more low: Yury Dolgoruky, Andrey Bogolyubsky, Daniel Aleksandrovich, Ivan Kalita. The answer should be chosen from the offered list.

the Part In more difficult. To specify historical sequence such, let us assume, events: the Crimean war, reform of Patriarch Nikona, Senate establishment, overthrow ordynskogo sovereignties.

the Part With - the most creative and simultaneously bringing the considerable quantity of points for separate answers. For example, only one sixth question of a part With gives at once 5 points.

this year on Unified State Examination on stories there was a new task - a political portrait. In the demonstration version were offered Dmitry Donsky, Speransky and Khruschev. Xenias, probably, Catherine II has got among characters. She also has chosen it. Eye edge I read: Catherine II became a symbol of Russia...

In an hour at graduate Kudrjakovoj, on - to mine, all answers were ready.

the Girl on a gallery feels badly: at it temperature. About it have warned organizers of Unified State Examination. But, despite an indisposition to transfer examination it does not want. Hangs on by the skin of teeth. And the young man behind the next school desk, to the contrary, smiles broadly, though in its leaves still any answer. And a draught copy almost empty. Whether knows nothing, whether, to the contrary, so it is assured, what will give out all for half an hour before the Unified State Examination termination?

the First graduate who has had time to perform work, left school exactly through an hour and a half after has begun examination. Happy and happy.

I Declare responsibly: for that time that I have spent on Unified State Examination, anybody from pupils did not write off, did not use a mobile phone, did not prompt each other. Empty audiences at school were, as it is necessary, are sealed up and closed, near toilets there were teachers on duty. All teachers who have involved in Unified State Examination carrying out, did not concern history teaching.

By the way, except the correspondent on Unified State Examination at school 1289 was one more observer who was present at examination in biology.

Unique nuance: To tell the truth, I, how the public observer, have understood not at once, where at graduates draught copies, KIMy with tasks, and where - official sheets for answers? And with amazement looked, as on the numbered forms they deduce a scribble, and then still cross out and correct them.

Later to me have explained: accurately and kalligraficheski official forms of answers should be filled only. All the rest - not so is important.

Errors on the registration form where write a name, a surname and passport data, too values, in general - that, have no. The computer distinguishes corrections and will read any variants - 7, 07, or 007.

But here a part With, that where most of all creative questions, it is checked exclusively manually experts.

After examination we draw up the statement with the head of point of reception of Unified State Examination. Already I fill sections with answers yes is not present I do not know .

Envelopes opened in audience? - yes. graduates and organizers of Unified State Examination used mobile phones? - is not present. extraneous persons on Unified State Examination were? - did not see. not used envelopes with KIMami during time have been checked in the safe? - yes.

Last column - remarks and offers.

- And what to write? At me no remarks are present, - I consult on Raisa Pavlovnoj Solomatinoj.

- And write: Remarks are not present .

by the way, remarks are not present not only in mine point. Head Rosobrnadzora Glebov`s Love has noticed that, according to preliminary data, during Unified State Examination carrying out in the Far East this year in hundreds times the quantity of attempts has decreased to leave in the Internet and to place tasks. however some children all - taki took with themselves phones - has noted Glebov.

It has reminded that this year at use on Unified State Examination of phone results of Unified State Examination at the graduate will be cancelled, and repeat it can only next year. And with social networks it was possible to agree that they will interfere in every possible way with placing on the Internet of tests from uniform state examination.

the Inquiry

As well as in the previous years, the most popular examination at graduates - the social science, on it was registered more than 500 thousand persons. The examination second for popularity is physics, it will hand over more than 220 thousand persons. Further follow history (about 180 thousand persons), biology (about 175 thousand persons), chemistry (about 100 thousand persons).

the figure

13,5 thousand public observers will be this year on Unified State Examination

the schedule ege

- Russian - Thursday (on May, 31st),

- a foreign language and chemistry (on June, 4th),

- mathematics (on June, 7th),

- physics and social science (on June, 13th),

- geography, the literature (on June, 16th).

Reserve days from June, 18 till June, 21st.