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In Egypt the protesting have arranged pogrom in Ahmed Shafika`s staff

the Pre-election staff of the candidate in presidents of Egypt of Ahmed Shafika has been set fire by the protesting.

the Group of people has rushed into a building, has arranged there pogrom, and then have showered with its bottles with incendiary mixes. Instigators of disorders cried out slogans against Islamites the candidate from which Mohammed Mursi is in the lead following the results of the first tour of presidential election in the country.

Hundreds persons left on the area of Tahrir in protest at voting results, informs ITAR - TASS. There have gathered an order of five thousand persons. They demand carrying out of new voting without participation of Mursi and Shafika.

According to results of voting, the candidate from Brothers - Moslems Mursi has received 24,8 percent of votes of voters. For the former minister of civil aircraft and last prime minister of an epoch of Mubaraka Shafika 23,7 percent have voted. The socialist Hamdin Sabbahi who has typed 20,7 percent closes a three of leaders.

and Shafik will be overcome with Mursi for a presidential armchair on the second tour of elections 16 - on June, 17th.