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Farmbiznes has discussed problems of the market of medicines at a forum in St.-Petersburg

In Northern capital there has passed ÕVIII the International conference of Institute of Adam Smith “ the Russian pharmaceutical forum “. On it representatives of legislative and executive power, the pharmaceutical companies, public associations and scientific institutions within three days discussed a wide range of problems of medicinal maintenance of Russians, functioning farmrynka and its regulations from the state.

the Subject of medicinal maintenance stirs today each of us: it is known that the success of treatment of any disease on 80 % depends on what preparations us will treat. All last years not only professionals, but also all Russian society actively participates in discussion of these problems, whether it be privileges for separate social groups or availability of modern preparations to everything, the prices for medicines or necessity of upgrade of domestic pharmaceutical industry. All this and many other subjects in detail and from the different parties were analyzed also by participants of a forum which collects every year more and more representative and wide audience.

Professionals farmrynka very much are stirred with legislative aspects of its activity to which two big sessions have been devoted. Last years important laws on public health services which have made essential changes to functioning of the market of medicines are accepted some, but, unfortunately, have not solved all its problems and already demand amendments and specifications. About a package of such amendments in the Law “ About the reference of medical products “ Brought by Federal antimonopoly service, the head of department of control of social sphere and trade FAS has told the Russian Federation Timotheus Nizhegorodtsev. How the state consistently removes administrative barriers to business and as this work will proceed in the future, have told vrio head Roszdravnadzora Elena Telnova and the committee-man of the State Duma on health protection Alexander Petrov. That business is terribly interested in that its voice has been heard by working out of new legislative and standard documents, the chief executive of Association of the international pharmaceutical manufacturers Vladimir Shipkov spoke. Importance of creation and manufacture of innovative preparations for advancing development farmotrasli, was underlined by the deputy director of department himiko - a technological complex and bioengineering technologies of Minpromtorga of the Russian Federation Sergey Razumov.

At a forum heads of the majority of the large foreign and Russian pharmaceutical companies have acted, having told about the vision of problems and about they bring what contribution in maintenance of Russians with high-quality and effective preparations as plan to develop the business in Russia. The interesting economic analysis of problems of public health services was offered participants of a forum by scientists - the director of Institute of economy of public health services NIU “ the economy Higher school “ Larissa Popovich, the professor concerning the international management of Rifat Atun of systems of public health services of Imperial college of London, the director of scientific research institute kliniko - economic examination and farmakoekonomiki the Russian national research medical university Vitaly Omeljanovsky and others.

experts have taken part In forum work from many countries. The special attention was involved with performances of representatives of Brazil - the adviser of department for support of manufacture and innovations at Ministry of Health of Brazil of Rita Baington and the president of one of the pharmaceutical companies of the country Odnira Finotti. Interest has been called not only that Brazil - the partner of Russia in the union bystrorazvivajushchihsja the countries BRIKS, but also that, as problems of public health services and functioning of the pharmaceutical market of our countries are very similar, and the Brazilian experience in the decision of some complicated questions can be rather interesting and to us.

it is possible to consider as a forum Result a clear message of pharmaceutical community of the power and to a society as a whole - it is ready to cooperation at all levels to provide all requirements of people for modern, qualitative and effective medicines. Now, when the president has set the task to develop Strategy of medicinal maintenance of the population till 2025 (a detail on p. 11), this readiness will be for certain demanded.