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On Philippines judge the chairman of the Sovereign court of the country

the Main representative of the Philippine Themis - the chairman of Superior court the Rent the Crown - itself it has appeared on a dock. Him accuse of concealment of the former president of the country Gloria Arrojo from suit, default of official duties, and also in concealment of incomes.

As experts notice, a maximum that threatens 63 - summer to the Crown - discharge from a post. But it can get off with the penalty, time discharge or reprimand. The Senate should solve destiny of the main judge of the country.

As it became known, during the closed hearings which have passed on Monday, the representative of charge the general public prosecutor of the country Niel Tupas has demanded from representing itself as judges of senators to recognise 63 - summer the Rent the Crown guilty at all points and to appoint as much as possible rigid punishment. The special indignation the public prosecutor was called by that fact that the chairman of Superior court has not informed in due time, how that is demanded by the Constitution, about the personal bank account on which it has appeared 2 million 400 thousand dollars. A crown then could not explain, how he at rather small salary could create such savings. that it has made, was frank lie, absence of conscience, a deceit of all principles - public prosecutor Tupas has emotionally declared.

Political scientists notice that present process is fight continuation between president Akino who has come to power on Philippines and a number of the corrupted representatives of justice. Akino has promised to finish corruption in the country. He also has accused the predecessor on fast of the leader of the state that that has illegally appointed the Crown the chairman of Superior court that last blocked a consequence of Office of Public Prosecutor.

As mark foreign editions, the public on Philippines watches closely process and as a whole supports actions of the present president of the country. For displacement of the Crown from fast of the chairman of Superior court it is necessary, that an accusatory verdict have supported not less than two thirds of members of the Senate.

the Lawyer of the Crown, without denying basically presence of illegal actions from the client, nevertheless notices that the judge has not made state change, payoff or corruption in the pure state that as a result can form the basis for displacement from fast. Concerning the secret bank account of the Crown the lawyer considers that its client has made a small mistake, having forgotten to inform on the incomes . Itself the Crown has declared earlier that all process is political revenge from the present president of the country.