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In Hong Kong the largest has begun work Asian EXPO wines

On Tuesday, on May, 29th, in Hong Kong the trading exhibition - sale Vinexpo Asia - Pacific has opened. This action is the largest in Asia in sphere of presentation and trade in wine and other spirits.

About thousand manufacturers of the wine which have arrived on Vinexpo from the most different countries from France and Italy to Australia, the USA and Argentina, does not hide the aiming at the promising Chinese market where local consumers join taste of different grades of wines more and more. According to organizers Vinexpo, for last four years Chineses have almost doubled wine consumption. Experts are not frightened also by forecasts about delay of rates of increase of economy of the Peoples Republic of China. if economy growth is slowed down, it does not mean that people start to drink less than alcohol. Perhaps, they will drink something a bit more cheaply, but will not refuse a habit. Especially now, when have already obviously tried out taste of good wine - has declared in interview to news agency Hey - Ef - Pi the main chief executive Vinexpo Robert Bejnat.

Experts underline that at China huge prospects in respect of growth of consumption of wine. So, the Chinese consumes on the average in a year of wine of 1,3 litres that is less, than in Japan (2,4 litres) and in tens times concedes to an indicator of France (50 litres on the person annually). If to speak about rates of increase of consumption of wine in Asia growth has made 100 percent for five years. At us brilliant prospects in respect of sale increase - has underlined Bejnat.

At the moment the unconditional leader in respect of volumes of deliveries of wine on the market of China is France, on whose share it is necessary about 45 % of production. But for Frenchmen in Heavenly Empire Italians, Australians, new Zealanders, and also representatives of other countries with the developed traditions of winemaking start to make the increasing competition.