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Poland asks to provide observance of the rights of Ignatenko after an extradition

the Polish Ministry of Justice which considers inquiry of Russia about an extradition former the first zamglavy Office of Public Prosecutor of Alexander Ignatenko situated near Moscow, has requested of Investigatory committee of the Russian Federation of a guarantee of observance of its rights in case the extradition will occur. Informs RIA   News.

the Text of the letter with the corresponding requirement behind the signature zamglavy Polish minjusta Mihala Krulikovsky results the Helsinki fund of human rights which in May has directed the expert judgement to Ministry of Justice. Legal experts, in particular, recommended to the Polish authorities to achieve in case of delivery of Ignatenko of Russia from the Russian law enforcement bodies of such guarantees.

Representatives of Ministry of Justice have appeared are inaccessible to comments. Earlier on Tuesday a press - the department service has informed that the decision on an extradition of Ignatenko is not accepted yet.

Were zamglavy Office of Public Prosecutor Ignatenko situated near Moscow in 2011 became the figurant of business about protection an underground casino. On January, 1st, 2012 he has been detained on the Polish resort of Zakopane. The Polish district court in February has considered inquiry of the State Office of Public Prosecutor of the Russian Federation about an extradition of Ignatenko and recognised delivery admissible, having prolonged its arrest till June, 9th. In March the appeal court has supported this verdict. Concerning destiny of Ignatenko the head of Ministry of Justice should accept the final decision.