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Francois Olland the French president Francois Olland   has appointed the woman to a post of the head of presidential protection

; has put at the head of service on maintenance of its personal security 44 - summer Sofi Att. She is the first woman for all history of the country, which   so responsible business is entrusted.

Sofi Att, mother of three children, in the beginning 1990 - h years the prime minister - the minister of a socialist Lionelja Jospin was responsible for protection of that time. It has caused a stir during a trip of the head of the French government to the Near East when the group of the Palestinian students has brought down on it hailstones of stones. Jospin has been taken successfully out from a scene, and Sofi Att was traumatised in a back then she had to spend some time in hospital.

As inform local sources,   the former prime minister has recommended Sofi Att to the present owner of the Elisejsky palace.

the Lady should supervise over group from   60 employees that on third are less, than was at Nicolas Sarkozy. A question on number reduction   bodyguards also has been solved by Francois Ollandom. The group structure has changed also. If earlier in it there were exclusively representatives of police now gendarmes who concern not the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and the Ministry of Defence have been entered into it.

the day before there were expected shifts in a number of power structures of France. So former heads national   polices and counterspionages which were close to Nicolas Sarkozy,   have been displaced, and on their place new people are put.