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The oil price has fallen below 99 dollars

the Price for oil of stamp Brent continues the prompt falling. To the middle of day the price on oil has fallen to 3,3 percent and has made to 98,4 dollars for barrel.

we Will remind that on 13. 15 on Moscow time cost of oil fell to 99,6 dollars for barrel. It has occurred for the first time since October of last year.

oil Falling is connected with problems in bank sector of Spain which can become blow for national economy in which result she can be converted behind the help, - the analyst of the market Alexey Puhaev tells. - Similar development of a situation can provoke full disintegration of an eurozone. These negative processes are reflected and in world economy and render   pressure upon the prices upon oil .

But first of all, the prices decrease from - for sharp increases in volumes of extraction by the largest player in the market of power resources - Saudi Arabia.

According to the expert, so illogical behaviour of the exporter is connected with old geopolitical opposition with Iran. The high prices for oil allowed Teheran to confront successfully enough with the USA and to ignore sanctions, but the more low oil cost, the above probability of an economic collapse in Iran.

In my opinion, falling can proceed to 80 dollars for barrel, however dynamics of falling will have moderate character - Alexey Puhaev predicts.