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Voluntary fire teams will receive the professional equipment

In the country thousand voluntary fire teams operate. And henceforth they will not struggle with fire by means of shovels and other make-shifts as it quite often happened earlier. To them will give out both regimentals, and professional stock, as at regular firemen of the Ministry of Emergency Measures.

Such order regulates the departmental order which is signed by Sergey Shojgu. For eks - the head of the Ministry of Emergency Measures the document became one of the last, which he has signed in the rank of the minister before becoming the governor. And it is not casual. The idea of creation and the maximum increase in number of firemen from among nonprofessionals belongs to Sergey Shojgu. The idea is logical and simple. To the local residents united in teams to extinguish fires much easier, after all they nearby live and can find fire in the most rudimentary status while it has not inflamed yet. And the motivating at voluntary firemen has more, as it is a question of their houses and own survival. Certainly, for them also are necessary both helmets, and fire extinguishers. They are terribly interested in that stock, neroven hour, was always on call and is serviceable.

But earlier quite often happened that on fire-dangerous directions and people like were, and signal SOS arrived in time, and to a fire allowed to inflame, therefore as there was nothing to extinguish.

to Provide volunteers with the expensive equipment uncertainty of the one who will bear a liability did not allow and from what sources money will be allocated. Voluntary teams, of course, did not wait, while the question will be settled, and struggled with fire make-shifts. Bought both helmets, and buckets, as they say on the blood.

Now this question is solved. Volunteers will receive special protective clothes, stock, means of individual defence of respiratory organs and sight. Them will provide even with means of self-rescuing of the fireman.

And all things and the equipment should be certificated according to the Federal law from 2008 Technical regulations about requirements of fire security .

the Same law will regulate also application, maintenance service and repair of means of individual defence and equipment of firemen.

But here there is one but. The order accurately establishes, who it will pay for all. And it not the Ministry of Emergency Measures.

the Major in the order - point 3. In it it is told that is material - technical maintenance of activity of workers of voluntary fire protection and the voluntary firemen taking direct part in suppression of fires, by means of individual defence of firemen and equipment of firemen is carried out at the expense of own means. And also payments and offerings, means of founders, means of the support rendered by public authorities and local governments, to public associations of fire protection and other means which have been not forbidden by the legislation of the Russian Federation according to article 11 of the Federal law from May, 6th, 2011 N 100 - FZ About voluntary fire protection .

That is voluntary firemen on technical equipment have equated to regular firemen with a unique difference. The salary in it the Ministry of Emergency Measures will not pay. And a leah can provide municipalities voluntary fire teams with necessary regimentals - the big question.

As to give out to volunteers half-finished products and materials instead of ready things it is forbidden.

the Document is published on with. 27.