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National day of Russia on the EXPO - 2010 is appointed to June, 20th

on Twentieth of June at the World`s fair in South Korea - national day of Russia. Organizers of our exposition prepare for it especially carefully. But also in usual days use the best efforts, that to visitors of the EXPO the Russian pavilion was remembered.

Professor Chzhan the Jing from University the cities of Toyamas (Japan), the expert in the field of chemical oceanology and sea geochemistry, on an exit admitted that it it has turned out interesting . The combination of video data, interactive shows and the newest technologies, as she said, do the Russian exposition entertaining and accessible to the most different people. The deputy director of Pacific oceanologic institute Vyacheslav Lobanov has noted other circumstance: the EXPO is an effective platform for serious discussion of such actual problems, as global warming and the general responsibility of mankind for oceans. We should get used to thought that waters of Russia is a considerable part of the World ocean . And the Russian pavilion, according to Lobanova, corresponds to it. Pass on it - some kind of research expedition, in which underlying cause heroic history of development of Arctic regions.

And it is valid: becoming for a while virtual passengers of the nuclear ice breaker Russia visitors of our pavilion of all for ten - can pass fifteen minutes on Northern sea way, see the unique nature of Arctic regions and creation of hands human - Russian ledostojkuju a platform Prilazlomnaja in the Pechora sea, modern terminals and moorings for shipment of the hydrocarbons, drifting station around the North Pole and a caravan of courts, in an environment of chipped ice...

Panoramic video with visual angle 360 of degrees and surround sound system create for spectators a situation full immersing And three dimensional projections Full HD of quality to an interior and special vibroustanovki even more strengthen effect of presence, allowing to visitors to feel the present pioneers.

In one touching

In the end of a way, having gone down with decks and having passed in the next hall, travellers appear... In library. According to the director of the Russian pavilion of Tatyana Sadofevoj, from a zone of emotional impressions our visitors get to a zone of practical knowledge - about Arctic regions, the World ocean and that contribution which is brought by Russia in their studying and development . Organised in the form of digital library, this part of the Russian exposition contains unique data on Arctic regions, Antarctica, resources of the World ocean, traditions and culture of the radical people of the North, prospects of development of ecotourism in high widths.

Robots on EXPO - 2012.
Video: Alexander Emeljanenkov

to receive the interesting information, nobody should thumb through thick directories and to dig in a paper card file. On change to old-fashioned databases holographic intellectual systems which can co-operate with people have come. And the person communicates with them, designating the interest and inquiries by means of tactile screens iPad.

Such interactive user places in Digital library of the Russian pavilion about ten. Here visitors can test the clever guidebook in the form of a cube. For work with it it is not necessary to thumb through pages - enough only to turn a cube in a cyberspace and to find on sides - the parties the interesting information.

These and many other creative receptions, innovative decisions and hi - tech workings out are harmoniously twisted - integrated into pavilion space. Thus the initial idea and a major principle - interactivity - are realised that is called, without fanaticism, but practically in all key zones of an exposition.

- We used for the first time in pavilion registration so-called QR - codes with links to the information on exhibits and all interesting things which wait for our visitors, - Tatyana Sadofeva adds. - Thus the information which can be downloaded from our site, having used QR - codes, it is presented on Korean, English and many other languages...

One more possibility for the advanced visitors and it is simple Internet users - mobile applications for iOS and Android, opening to all fans of digital mobile electronics a subject of the Russian pavilion at the World`s fair in Josu.

Itself to show

we Recognize: in it time, as well as the minister of the industry and trade of the Russian Federation Denis Manturov promised in interview on the eve of EXPO opening fulfilling duties of the minister, and already, the maintenance and visualisation tools of the Russian exposition as much as possible precisely reflect an orientation of an exhibition and favourably differ that visitors of our pavilion in Shanghai could see two years ago. Without exaggeration it is possible to tell that at a present World`s fair founders of the Russian exposition have done justice to a science and have not forgotten about innovations.

For first three weeks of work in the book of guests of honour of the Russian pavilion enthusiastic responses have gathered many. Among the first Secretary general BIE of Visent Lassertales has taken a hand also: the Exposition is filled by innovations which, I hope, will allow to visitors to feel pleasure from acquaintance to it, - he has noted with reserved Spanish temperament. - it is assured that visitors recognise pavilion as one of the most interesting on the EXPO - 2012. We express gratitude to all who took part in its preparation .

- Our presence on the EXPO - 2012 is not only imidzhevyj the project, - the general commissioner of the Russian pavilion, it - the deputy minister of the industry and trade of the Russian Federation George Kalamanov has declared. - In Josu the sated business program is provided, including round tables scientific conferences, regional meetings and subject negotiations. Precisely I know that it is planned a round table other actions for workings out which are presented in our pavilion " also prepare; Rosatom and RusGidro . At these companies large-scale projects are outlined in Jugo - East Asia to start. The international projects of fund Skolkovo and Rosnano too are presented in the Russian pavilion - as well as workings out of leading institutes of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Therefore we are interested in that the maximum quantity of people could visit both Josu, and our exposition.