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The Afghani Jeanne d`ark is going to stand in presidents

To be the woman - a great step - in case of our heroine it not a poetic phrase, and severe prose of the Afghani everyday life. Endured some attempts, 37 - summer vitse - the speaker of parliament Fozija Kufi declared that wants to stand in presidents of Afghanistan in 2014.

She says that the Lord has vested with its mission - to become the rescuer of the country. Here only Jeanne`s calling d ’ Ark in not passing Afghani Middle Ages far it is not harmless. Here already it is a lot of years of Kufi is under a sight of insurgents - Islamites. At it shot, bodyguards found a bomb under its car.

Each time it accompanied by bodyguards leaves the house new routes, and in the evenings and at all tries not to be shown in the street. And above all is afraid for the daughters who grow without fatherly protection.

Husband Fozii has died of a tuberculosis in torture chambers of Talibs. But for the sake of the children this widow does, apparently, the impossible.

Heights which it has already subdued, to local measures zaoblachny. Kufi - the first woman in the family which has got education. And the first woman in Afghanistan which became vitse - the speaker of parliament. There she sits side by side with colleagues - men that, to measures of Muslim fundamentalists, merits the higher penalty. And now - a leah a joke! - and at all it is going to be overcome for the higher fast in the state.

Who else if not the woman, is better approaches for this role? We did not war, did not kill, did not destroy the country. So why the woman cannot become the new person of Afghanistan? - she argues in the book with the bitter name the Favourite daughter . This bitterness is explained wholly by its biography. That is biographies on a broader scale could not be. Fozija was born in a province of Badahshan in a family of the known politician. It was its nineteenth child from the seventh wife. The girl has not justified hopes of family because was born the girl. it was my greatest error in life - it has sadly joked in conversation with the correspondent of German magazine Der Spiegel.

Parents have decided that the additional burden is not necessary to them. They have put the babe in a basket and have left in a court yard to die under the scorching sun. But Fozija was not going to die. All the day long she desperately shouted, while mother has not taken pity on own child. A basket have brought back in the house - so younger Kufi has pulled out the right to life. It has got off rather easily - with scars solar burns. So bojtsovsky character at it from the cradle. in our country the woman should have big shoulders that much on them to take out - east beauty sighs.

Here and to the politician it estimates a female sight. At all atrocities which are created by Talibs concerning Afghans, now all - taki is better than a condition of their life, than ten years ago. That is why intrusion natovtsev to Afghanistan, more likely, all - taki the blessing, than angrily, - so she considers. Though does not countenance murder of civilians by the American military men. As these of a victim only on a hand to terrorists.

Kufi is afraid that leaving of Americans and their allies from Afghanistan, planned for 2013, becomes premature. Fear to remain in the power of Talibs - here its main argument. Ill-wishers say that Kufi do not have distinct political and economic program. And on a broader scale for it nobody will vote.

But itself vitse - the speaker counts on the wide I will support the population. First of all - thanks to the reputation. After all father Kufi has left on itself kind memory - both in a native province, and in Kabul. He has been killed by the political opponents many years ago. Who knows, he now would be proud of the daughter whom nearly has not destroyed in the infancy, but she says that is ready to die for the ideals. It is necessary to hope that to it it is not necessary to do such terrible choice.