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The guide - park: Well-known rokery will drive across the Moskva River

XVI fate - festival “ Street of apple years “. Moscow, landing stage at Expocentre. The steam-ship “ the Barin “. Departure (both days) in 20. 01, on June, 6th and 7.

It is unique fate in the world - festival which is annually spent by the steam-ship floating on the river. Fate - groups play so that is audible and on coast Moskva River. And those to whom has not got tickets, go behind steam-ship on bicycles or rollers...

Last year`s festival “ Street of apple years “ it was planned to spend with Ringo Starr. Among those who tried to reach the well-known drummer, convincing to arrive at least on opening, there was also an observer. But does not happen: nobody has wanted or could not pay the necessary insurance.

Present - it is devoted Paul McCartney to whom it is executed 70. To distract molodozhena from pleasant efforts did not try at all. But the first day of festival have decided to devote to sir Paul`s songs and The Beatles. Among those who will step on the stage on June, 6th, will appear: Heartbeat, Dr. Nick, Dans Ramblers and itself “ the Optimum variant “. On June, 7th the program, sees, it is even more interesting: aesthetes of bats - music 60 - h " will play; Fashions “ the coryphaeus of a blues Boris Bulkin cī Stainless Blues Band and others. And will finish festival, as usual, - again “ the Optimum variant “. Last year spectators even persuaded musicians that they longer did not come back to landing stage...

Gossip. “ A Joyfool Noise “. (ŃD). Sony Music. 2012

At the group most vigorous and ready for an invention, playing it is melodious - impudent echoes of style drum - and - bass - very effective gender selection of participants. One girl sings, another systematically bangs in drums. And the unique man in group - Natan Haudeshell - works on a bass - fancifully adding hits of intricacy or a grotesque glamour.

the Present album, perhaps, the most melodious and unchained in discography Gossip. Each tool sounds distinctly and is juicy, and the stylistic component is rather enterprising. If on former releases it was more interesting to consider covers where girls competed in kreativnosti hairdresses, but simplicity of arrangements year inevitably gravitated to fast - to the punk now smartly get with the drums and a bass, into contrast funk in euro - a disco in new wave with elements trip - hopa. The blessing to the unique man in structure at last - that have allowed to clear up a little. And too to write out, at times, melodic lines on a level with udarnitsej. And “ ottenochnoj “ electronics in sounding to add. All it is very similar to the person who long went for a drive on a skateboard, and has then changed on a motorcycle and the beginnings for this pleasure to write out on it every possible “ a pretzel “. To disk A Joyfool Noise such recklessness only on advantage.