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Marat Husnullin: the Town-planning policy of Moscow remained immutable

Why authorities of the capital have allowed to build again in the centre of Moscow? How there is a reconstruction vyletnyh highways? When Muscovites will receive enough places for parkings of cars? That will be constructed in Nagatinsky pojme instead of earlier planned lines Formulas - 1 ? Marat Husnullin which have visited on " has responded To these and other questions of journalists zammera Moscow concerning the town-planning policy and building; the Business breakfast century

- Marat Shakirzjanovich! Starting to work, the new government of Moscow declared audit before the concluded investment contracts to stop the further reconsolidation of building of city centre. And the day before yesterday at session gradostroitelno - the ground commission you have declared that 5 million square metres of real estate in the Central administrative district all - taki will be constructed. What stands up for it? The city has changed the policy?

Marat Husnullin: Is not present, the policy remained immutable. We were engaged really whole year in audit of all before the concluded investment contracts on a construction in TSAO 7 million square metres of real estate - on what permissions have been given out and for which investors have already paid to a city. During this work a part from them, to be exact on 1,2 million square metres, have been terminated. This building will not be carried out. But an order of 5 million square metres all - taki should be constructed. We have analysed that if to try to terminate and these contracts, judicial claims,   which as a result will fall down a city, will pour out for the budget in payments in the size in ten billions roubles. Investors after all are not guilty that the policy of a city has exchanged that the former authorities, giving out them building licences, have not considered those rates of a gain of cars which are worried during the last years by Moscow. But thus, as I have already told, building of everything that it was possible to stop, we have stopped. New objects practically we do not begin. And that we begin, concern basically reconstruction, as, for example, a museum of the modern art which will be constructed on Baumansky for Pushkin`s museum.

< Have as a result agreed with investors that at all trading and office centres will be   or earlier put volumes are lowered, or instead of them will construct either habitation, or hostels. To the centre they not a hindrance as are not a transport attraction. And the third circumstance. This error that speaking TSAO we mean historical city centre. Actually of these 5 million square metres of 4,2 million square metres will be constructed in territory of the Moscow international business centre Moscow - City . There it is enough place for new buildings.

- And that will appear on a place of the taken down watch factory Glory on the Leningrad prospectus?

Husnullin: This territory now is in pledge at bank. The investor has spent the big money for its repayment, working out of the concept of building. Instead of purely office centre we want to see there the multipurpose centre - with apartments, hostels and only partially - with business functions. Originally the investor counted on reception there the areas in hundred thousand square metres. Justify its hopes of it we cannot, that is why we search for a comprehensible variant of volume of building which though as - that will justify   expenses already incurred by it - and at the same time will not worsen a transport situation in a city.

- it is difficult to present that in this part it is possible to construct something, without having worsened … the Area of the Belarus station and without that costs dug over, in traffic jams …

Husnullin: On the area of the Tver outpost all decisions are made. In - the first, the project is reconsidered and instead of earlier planned huge underground shopping centre which would draw to itself of even more cars, the parking will be constructed. Besides, building of the doubler of an overpass and additional congresses - departures is provided. It is co-ordinated with the proprietor, the earth is passed a city. Builders have started a rerun of engineering communications. For ourselves we have set the task to finish this project during two and a half years. For us it is logical, as Lenigradka from here begins, and it would be desirable, that departure on it was normal. After all on other part the highway is already expanded and put in order. This year we will finish also traffic intersection building on crossing of Leningradki from MKAD and we will receive an additional platform. And then we will be engaged in expansion of the allocated strips for public transport aside   the Sheremetyevo before turn on the International highway. As a result there will be a good direct highway from the centre to the airport.

- a leah Truth, what the government of Moscow has refused to allocate money for earlier planned repair of Christ the Saviour Cathedral on what have informed mass-media?

Husnullin: the Lie. As an occasion to the message of this information cancellation of the governmental order of Moscow to which were recommended to carry at the expense of the city budget this year detailed investigation, most likely, has served and design - prospecting works on stilobatnoj parts with a balustrade of a complex of Christ the Saviour Cathedral for scoping is repair - a recovery work. But have cancelled the document, instead of works. They are included in the address investment program on 2012 - 2014 by which their financing at a rate of 15 million roubles current year is defined also.

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